04 September 2012

If Clint Made Such a Damn Fool of Himself, Why Are The Dems Scrambling To Stage a Similar Schtick with Crazy Ole Betty White?

And what about those naked pics...

You've got to give the benefit-of-the-doubt to an 82-year old American icon, entrepreneur, and patriot who's fighting to save what he knows made this country great- more than you can say for most of the other spoiled Hollywood ingrates still licking Obama's scrawny rear-end.

But of course wretched opportunists of the American left -watching hopenchange turn to dust in their hands- absolutely couldn't resist going-after Clint Eastwood as 'senile', completely out-of-it, and worse for having the audacity to mock Dear Leader as the empty suit/chair he is at the RNC in Tampa... so could somebody please tell me why the Democrats are in such a big hurry to produce a near-duplicate routine with dependable Obama lick-spittle Betty White?

Aren't these mostly the exact, same people pushing for White to speak at the DNC that were remorselessly mocking Eastwood just three days ago?

Not only did the Dems clearly see enough value in Clint Eastwood's old-fashioned comedy monologue to consider producing their own such act on extremely short-notice, but as Rush Limbaugh noted, 'Clint got under Obama's skin'... how else to explain Dear Leader tweeting a response at 12:30am...?

So Betty's -n- Barry's writers surely coming up with belly-splitting Romney yucks as we speak... better not be the same guys that have been producing her lame sitcom lines for the last two decades  if they actually hope to land any shells in the GOP camp.
Could it be that Betty White naked pics remind
Obama of his own white-trash mom...?


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