24 December 2012

All-Time Greatest Gun Salesman

It's official...

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded more than 16.8 million background checks for gun purchases in 2012, the highest number since the FBI began publishing the data in 1998. Customers fear future gun restrictions from Democrats and Congress...

Greatest Gun Salesman
For any keeping track, there's approximately 300M firearms in circulation in the United States today... so anybody telling you gun control laws are going to keep guns the hands out of criminals anytime in this millenium ought to have their head examined.

I wonder how many of the 16.8 guns sold this year are being buried somewhere out in the back 40 or lining the shelves of bunkers/homemade ammo dumps...

Press TV:

US gun sales have hit a record level and with the latest mass killing, stores are running out of stock as significant sales tops is being reported on assault rifles. 

During the first eleven months of this year, the FBI has conducted 16.8 million background checks, breaking last year’s record of 16.5 million not including the current sales hikes after the Connecticut school massacre. 

'We are seeing a total madhouse of buying everything in sight,' said one gun storeowner in Las Vegas on Friday, adding, 'We have not only a run on the guns, but a run on ammunition.'

Then of course there's the 3D printed HaveBlue AR-15... 
how you gonna stop those?

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