16 October 2010

Five Statist Fiends that Need to Go-Away . . .

Some of the most powerful and arrogant libs on Capitol Hill
now find themselves politically vulnerable- 
 in 17 days we can put them out of our misery once-and-for-all

As Americans continue to rise-up against the power-mad Left, every $10-20 helps... why not take-out the ringleaders while we've got this gang of neo-Bolshevik thugs on the run...? 

Democratic seats long-considered bulletproof -for 50 yrs and longer- are now coming up for grabs, as 2010 figures to be an election year like no other- be part of it!  

Like Dick Morris says, under-confidence is every bit the danger Republican over-confidence is... what that means to me is time to go for the jugular, baby.

This weekend is when we need to boost conservative candidates with a few bucks going into the home-stretch, too... as in America today inspired and inspiring citizen-politicians -in the mold of Ronald Reagan- have dedicated themselves to challenging deeply-entrenched DC liberals. Now -against all odds- all five of these Republican underdogs (below) find themselves within striking distance...

To waste an opportunity like this -to right our badly listing-to-port ship and save this great nation- borders on treason at this point... seriously. But for those who realize what's at stake -and wish to reclaim our freedom and liberty- 2010 presents a target-rich environment. Why settle for a slim majority when we could completely annihilate the progressive movement... so as to thwart planned lame-duck spending/incremental power-grabs from this deeply discredited regime over the coming months?

Harry Reid (R- Nv): Looks like TEA Party darling Sharron Angle clobbered Dingy Harry in Thursday night's debate... should be interesting to see just what effect that will have on the numbers, basically a dead-heat up to this point.  

But the pressure this patriotic Reno grandmother is putting on the powerful Senate majority leader is truly impressive, now enjoying a one-point lead...victory is clearly within her reach...

Rasmussen's lastest (10/13):  Angle 49% - Reid 48% 

Help Sharron stick it to 'em BIG-time at Angle for Senate -here-

Gateway Pundit: even libs admit Angle won the debate... -here-

Barbara Boxer (D- Ca): Former Compaq/HP CEO Carly Fiorina's got her on-the-ropes, with Don't-Call-Me-Ma'am Babs already writing-off large swathes of the central valley to concentrate on LA, the Bay Area, and San Diego. 

Friday's Reuters poll puts the race at Boxer 46% - Fiorina 45%... well-within the margin for error. With a little boost from us, Carly can counter all the negative Boxer ads and establish the Big Mo...

Time for Carly to KO Boxer at Carly for Senate -here-

Maggie's Notebook has insights/ad clip -here-


Barney Frank (D-Ma): Name recognition is key in this race, and Barney Frank's got it... albeit with support fading.  His GOP challenger -former Marine/businessman Sean Bielat- is still introducing himself to the voters, while there's a large (13%) undecided count in an OnMessage (h/t Hot Air) poll showing Sean closing within striking distance at Frank 48% - Bielat 38%

A ways to go for our friend, but as you know... for this 30-yr incumbent Barney Frank to not exceed 50% this close to election day means trouble... 48% don't cut it. Maybe even the People's Republic of Taxachussets has figured out their congressman -who brought you the Frank-Dodd economic implosion- is more trouble than he's worth. And as people get to know his opponent, there's a lot to like: maybe that's why Sean is already trouncing him with Independents, 51-38...

Retire Barney at Bielat for Congress -here-

One More Reason to Money-Bomb Sean Beliat -here- 


Steny Hoyer (D-Ma): With a little help from his friends, can popular TEA Party speaker/Marine/businessman Charles Lollar ride the Big Red Wave and win this thing... toppling the #2 Democrat in the US House of Representatives?

According to Stacy McCain -who interviewed Major Lollar a couple weeks ago- he sure as heck can. Poll data's been hard to come-by here, but Dick Morris also labels this one "winnable" for the Republicans (Ace). 

Lollar for Congress: support this Marine on-a-mission -here-

The Other McCain met with Charles... and walked-away
plenty impressed

Raul Grijalva (D-Az): Yeah, this is the genius who called for a boycott of his own state to protest SB-1070.  He's also a far-Left, open-borders/Big Government/La Raza fifth-columnist type... and vice-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus, too- a real piece of work, this one.

Arizona's CD-7 was specifically created by the Dems as one of two new majority-Hispanic Congressional districts...  Grijalva is the only one to have ever held the seat.  How shocking it is then that Ruth McClung -a rocket scientist/political neophyte- has now pulled ahead with the 58% Hispanic electorate.

Viva Ruth is now heard at rallies throughout southwestern Arizona... and McClung's two-point lead has got the DNC in panic mode... they never saw it coming...

Join Ruth in a chorus of Goodbye Grijavla -here-

Moonbattery: Van recently met with Ruth McClung- 
the man got out his wallet immediately -here-



Anonymous said...

Nice work RR, did my share!

Maggie Thornton said...

Wow, great call to battle, RR. Thank you for the link, my friend.

MK said...

Be great to see some of the big whigs shown the door, to end their political careers on a low point, if not in outright disgrace.

John Carey said...

This is good stuff RR. We need to di everything we can to make sure these progressives are looking for new jobs on Nov 3rd.

Tumba said...

ooo ooo ooo Can I shoot Barney Frank PLLLEEEAASSEEE.

**Note to big sis** yeaaaah, that was just a joke, I know you are monitoring all conservative websites. For the record again JOKE.

**double secret note to Dick Cheney: if you can make it happen I'm not joking.. lets just take him fishing God Father style... or Bird Hunting your good at that!**

I joke I joke I kid I kid...

Death is much too good for B. Frank

Matt said...

I hate to engage in buzz-kill, but we have to get these folks up by 3-4 points to overcome the voter fraud. Help out in any way you can!

Reaganite Republican said...

Nobody's going to shoot anybody, LOL

But it's going to feel like it for some people on the morning of November 3rd... thanks MK, Maggie, and John.

And yeah... fraud is a HUGE issue here, the Dems are surely geared up to pull a "Franken" of worse if they seen any gain in it- that's why I say "run up the score", NCAA football-style- right on, Matthew!

Libertarian Advocate said...

James: Thanks for the link!

Reaganite Republican said...

My pleasure, LibAd- nice job!

Heidi, the Cool Conservative said...

I am so darned glad to see so many "Davids" keeping even in the polls with "Goliaths" - there may be a chance here yet!! Yes, we need to overcome voter fraud...but if we pull off the numbers, get everyone's butts off the benched...GO TEAM! ;) OK, so maybe that's a little naive, but darned if I don't feel excited about this election! And darned if I don't feel a little scared, too, about the consequences if we CAN'T turn this country back around...

FYI, I just finished this new one-off magazine called “Can Conservatives Unite to take Back America” – it was a surprisingly good read – practically an event program for the current House and Senate election races – I plan to use it to track election night results ;) As is typical these days, it was waaaay in the back - cos you know, a topica, conservatively political magazine is supposed to be waaaay out of reach...

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks for dropping in, Heidi

You ARE cool!


Anonymous said...

Link to Lollar abusing Steny in a debate


Link to Lollar press release after debate


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