15 April 2011

What People are Saying About TRUMP

"Donald Trump is showing that the way 
you do it is go after these people..."

While some of my best bloggin' buds in-the-whole-wide-world have chosen to take issue with Trump -who endorsed McCain- just for giving Barack Obama a fair chance and the benefit-of-the-doubt in the heady days following his 2008 victory, I sure don't seen any pressing need to scare off a guy who clearly has benefited the conservative debate immensely- and likely will do so for the foreseeable future...

And yeah, someone should suggest to the blunt-talking tycoon that it may not behoove him to label  Bush "evil"... but he doesn't think we ever should have gone to Iraq, and back in '08 when he uttered it, that was the mood of the day. I sure don't agree with Trump on that either, but maybe he meant for handing the country over to the Democrats- if so, he'd have a point. And somebody ought to ask him to explain it, I'd like to hear what that was supposed to mean.

But Donald Trump's the only one -except perhaps John Bolton- saying anything even close to what I have been waiting to hear on vital defense issues... like "no nuclear Iran, no way". When Trump isn't in the room, I can already see that many important things won't even be discussed- not by the Mitt-bots of the world. Add to that his reach-out to the TEA Party, we need this guy around. Stacy McCain reports Trump's considered by some to be the TEA Party favorite.

I'm as aware as anybody of Trump's negatives as a candidate, but I'll tell you this: outside of defense issues, debt and jump-starting the entrepreneurial class in this country are top of every sane GOPer's list. Alas, there's only one guy here that can say he's ever put people and resources together to conquer a challenge on this scale... and this one actually enjoys it.

As Cavuto quipped on Fox "Guys who build skyscrapers with their name on them" know how to get things done. 

And plenty of positive buzz out there... 

Like from none other than Rush himself (via The Hill):
"What Donald Trump is really doing -and as I pointed out yesterday- Donald Trump is providing a lesson on how to beat Barack Obama. 

"Donald Trump is showing that the way to do it is go after these people

Not just Obama. You go after the Left, you go after the Democratic party, you don't get timid, you don't act defensive, and you don't act afraid. You just go after them."

Rodan @ Blogmocracy makes a pretty good case against those who suspect a hollow publicity stunt... 
I disagree with Matt Latimer’s assessment of Trump will not run. 

He’s ruined 'Trump the entertainer' brand and has crossed the Rubicon. 

Clearly he’s going all in and is giving voice to segment of the Conservative movement that hasn’t had one since Reagan. 

Palin came close but she was smeared by the Left and was brought out too early. Trump knows the media very well and is not afraid of them. 

Ironically he’s being attacked by Republcians and not the Left. I hope he turns his guns on the Rockefeller republicans and smashes them once and for all. 

Trump speaks the truth and the American people are tired of lies.

Chris Moody at The Daily Caller says TEA Party hero Rep Allen West and Trump will share a stage in Florida this weekend...
Florida Congressman and Tea Party favorite Allen West isn’t opposed to the idea of joining possible presidential contender Donald Trump, West told The Daily Caller Thursday.
West said when asked if he’d accept a veep invitation from Trump. “If the people think that I have an ability to continue my service of my country in a different capacity, first of all we gotta talk to God, we gotta talk to my family, we gotta talk to the constituents.”

Trump and West will speak at the same Tea Party rally in Boca Raton, Florida this Saturday.

And is Mark Levin slipping? From where I'm standing, blogger Lame Cherry handed the guy his hat with
"Stop Trashing Trump"
It is always interesting when you see someone like Mark Levin just go off on Donald Trump.

Psychologically, it means Mark Levin views Donald Trump as a threat.........one weighs whether a person is a friend or a threat.......if a threat, apprehension builds, then emotional outburst ensues which leads to attacks to neutralize the threat.

What is fascinating in how an accomplished Gentleman like Mark Levin would view Donald Trump a threat, unless he notes in Mr. Trump an upset in the apple cart which Levin and his limbs of Limbaugh and Hannity have decided who will be the Republican nominee.

I will be frank. Donald Trump is an accomplished builder of things big and extravagant. He does this immensely well in dealing with industry, union thugs, government trolls and the economy. He has had problems in marriage, has had problems in business, but that is what an American industrialist is.......you have ups and downs in taking chances in life.

I view Donald Trump not in the least as a threat. I am wary of him as he did support Obama like many did, but he is saying all the right things now. 

I don't care as Mr. Levin nit picks about what the Donald only speaks of on a few issues, as Ronald Reagan had his triad and that is where he focused too. 

Could Donald Trump be using this as a publicity stunt? Sure he can be up to something, but in that I see the way of utilizing Donald Trump which Mark Levin should.