30 November 2012

Malkin: Time to IMPEACH Obama and Hillary Clinton for Treason, Dereliction of Duty,
and Non-Stop Benghazigate LIES

'Well, there are many constitutional provisions for recourse on this and I think that they have to be contemplated. I also think there needs to be grass-roots, nationwide PRESSURE.

...this administration -and this candidate- and this president was forced to see signs from people reminding them that they will not forget the seven hours of hell that the murdered Americans went through before they perished in Benghazi!

And it’s the same thing with the Camp Bastion attack, which I’ve raised questions about on behalf of murdered Marines in that case and the lack of security, questions about rules of engagement that have been compromised by this politically-correct, jihadi-coddling administration...' Michelle Malkin

Naturally, Team Obama says that only mean Republicans
care about any of this yucky Benghazi stuff, and official WH spokesman and all-round toady Jay Carney had the unmitigated gall to unilaterally proclaim he and Susan Rice's blatant dishonesty 
a 'non-event'.

But while indeed there's plenty of willingly-ignorant sheep helping the Obama Administration to get away with all-they-do, it's more than just some fringe smattering that constitutes the growing chorus of voices now calling for justice for the victims of Benghazi... not to mention a long-overdue re-application of some constitutional constraint on this noxious,  power-drunk regime:

Tom TancredoImpeach Obama for Treason

Baltimore SunObama Should Be Impeached

Roger Simon @ PJM: 'How much more treasonous 
can you get? Benedict Arnold was a piker...'

KT McFarland -former Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense ('Cap' Weinberger) in the Reagan Administration- also had a thing of two to say on Fox about Benghazigate...
  • 'They lied throughout... and they've continued to cover-up about it'
  • 'They've had so many different stories, you don't know what happened'
  • 'WHY did they feel like they had to cover-up from the very beginning?
    Because their entire Middle East policy has turned-out to be an abject failure...'
  • (re. any possible Susan Rice confirmation hearing): 'WHO wrote those talking points for you? Why did you go out -even days later, when it was obvious to every housewife in America it was a terrorist attack- WHY did you go out and continue to claim it was a YouTube video... WHY did you go out and say it was a flash-mob that got out-of-control?'