18 September 2015

Donald Trump May Not Be Reagan,
But He Offers a Similar Can-Do Optimism

Optimism: Trump's 'secret sauce'...

Donald Trump continues to lead in national polls, confounding the political and media establishment that has been predicting his imminent implosion and demise. Whether it was his comments on illegal immigrants, or John McCain’s POW status, his dust up with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, or his criticism of Carly Fiorina’s face, he gathers strength like a hurricane over warm water, rather than fizzling and blowing out to sea.

Explanations include his brash, no nonsense style. Speaking to the issues near and dear to the “silent majority” who are fed up with the status quo. Talking back to the media rather than genuflecting to the big networks as most other candidates do. 

Or the fact that Trump can’t be bought. Running his campaign using his own money won’t indenture him to special interests, in contrast to every other candidate.

Another reason is that he is a political outsider, never having held elected office. This theory is buttressed by Ben Carson, another political outsider, sitting in second place. Trump, although running as a Republican, is not part of the establishment. The same Republican establishment aiding and abetting the Obama agenda, providing no opposition and making constant excuses for their feckless inability to promote an alternative agenda.

Trump is not Ronald Reagan, even though some make that comparison.  And he is not a pure conservative. Yet he has the support of the evangelical voters. And 25 percent of the Black vote in a recent poll. Although these are only snapshot polls and the election is more than a year away, it’s confounding conventional wisdom.

What’s the common denominator?  Optimism.

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