05 October 2015

WE'RE ALL ORBANS NOW: Support for European Right SOARS in Wake of Startling Muslim Invasion

Apparently a lot of Europeans know 
a trojan horse when they see one...

Germany: With nationalism/right-wing sentiment all but banned from mainstream politics, the people's outrage has poured out on the streets in the form or PEGIDA, an anti-Islamization movement now spreading across Europe (and North America)

France: Front National's Marine Le Pen Tops Presidential Poll 
for First Time Ever

Switzerland: Support for Swiss People's Party -who outlawed Minarets/
Now Propose Banning Hijab- Surges Ahead of National Election

Even in hyper-liberal Sweden, the anti-immigration, anti-EU
Sweden Democrats are now leading all opinion polls with about 25 percent, after having won a record 12.9 percent of the vote in last September’s elections.

And in Hungary: Viktor Orban hailed as HERO from Budapest to Bavaria...