27 October 2015

WIDE Trump Appeal Comes from Offering Re-Run of Clinton Era- While Hillary's Now Way Left of That

A lot of people in this country would love to have another eight years of what they recall as 'Clinton-era prosperity'. Sure, in-reality he inherited an economy with solid underpinnings and Cold War enemies at-our-feet (from Reagan), then enjoyed -and took credit for- the fruits of the Gipper's long-term investment-based tax cuts. A massive tech boom also fell in Bubba's lap. 
But with voters, perception beats reality every time...

And to be fair, Clinton mostly didn't screw it up, either- he believed in political 'triangulation' when practical -unlike the radical, deranged Obama regime- Newt Gingrich can be thanked for much of Bill Clinton's 'success' too.

But without labeling it as such, Trump is appealing to left-center-and-right, black-white-and-brown by offering another Clinton era -at least what people remember it to be: good times, jobs everywhere, money to be made, peace for the most part at home and abroad, balanced budgets, etc. 

I am a Cruz backer myself, and obviously don't consider Trump to be the same kind of 'conservative' as the heroic Texas senator. I also disagree with The Donald on Putin/Russia, Ukraine, Syria, entitlements, big government construction projects, government-provided health care, etc.

That said, Trump is giving a large slice of the electorate just what they seem to want- the good parts of the Bill Clinton era with border controls, basically. 

Trump even offers to finish unfulfilled '92 Bill Clinton campaign promises by providing a 'TrumpCare' alternative to the current mess. Trump's health care plan that seems to vary little from the goals of 1990s' HillaryCare, which went nowhere at the time but later arose in an even more hideous form, ObamaCare. Trump says his will actually work.

Due to primary battles with the left, Hillary now pledges to spend even more $ on health care -including covering any illegal immigrant who can crawl into an ER- while Trump offers common-sense scrapping of ObamaCare and a border wall.... tho he still promises the Clinton-like, un-conservative ideal of 'universal health care'. At least he says he'd rely on the private sector.

Hillary has become what the Democratic Party's 'progressive' base wants- but they're so radicalized, she's going to have to re-flop her latest flip-flops 
(to the left in her contest with Bernie Sanders) 
if she expects to be able to relate to any normal Americans ever again.

Alas, Trump's already hit upon the formula 2016 voters seem to want, another eight years of Bill Clinton without the corruption and sex. Much like Trump's wealth makes it difficult to bribe him, can you imagine him cheating him on Melania with some pimply-faced White House intern? 

Americans want to make money, enjoy good times, put a lid on terrorists and a seal on the US southern border... they want to return to happy, rich, peaceful pre-9/11 America, basically. Or at least pre-Lewinski. 

Trump is offering to bring back (an improved version of) the 1990s. I'm not 'YUGE' on his health-care plans, but to his credit Trump does seem to have learned from Bubba's policy mistakes regarding terrorism, NAFTA, and 
US border security. 

The American voter is shopping for a peace/prosperity/balanced-budget Clinton-era sequel... with the above-mentioned improvements. Trump offers this in spades, while Hillary drifts into outright socialism and divisive racial-identity politics.

Bill Clinton beat a Bush to get it all started too, you know-

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