14 November 2015

The Time for France's NATIONAL FRONT Has Arrived + WE Need to Be Thinking Along the Exact Same Lines

Multiculturism has failed spectacularly- 
so it's time to clean up the mess 

National Front's Marine LePenne is personally 
leading presidential pollsso what's the point of waiting? 
Parliament is different, but Hollande (and Merkel) need to go now...

Anybody who would accept one speck more Islamic immigration to the west after this vile, cowardly Paris massacre has deemed themselves internal enemy- and the time for debate with these sort of dangerous imbeciles is over. People like Merkel, Obama, Zuckerberg are out to GET YOU KILLED- 
or if you're lucky, just gang-raped...

The French anti-immigration party Front National stands for a lot of things I'm not so crazy about- heavy protectionism, quitting NATO/neo-Gaullist foreign policy, maintaining a large state sector, and way too friendly with the Kremlin (like most European anti-EU parties)... alas, I don't vote there, and these things are popular in France.

But they've got it right on borders/immigration/EU, to be sure-
plenty there to emulate:

NO IMMIGRATION: Reduce legal immigration 95% to 10,000 people annually, no amnesty or benefits for illegal immigrants or their children, abolition of 
jus soli, and citizenship only to be granted to foreigners’ children who are legally resident, speak French, are law-abiding and show 
proof of assimilation.

CITIZENISM: All French citizens (regardless of race or religion) to enjoy the 'national priority' in all areas, including education, access to jobs, welfare, public tenders, etc

TOUGH ON CRIME: Tougher sentencing, increase of prison capacity by 40,000 (over 50% increase), and increased surveillance against organized organized crime, drug cartels, terrorists and Islamists 
(RR- I'd far prefer deport).

Abolition of the EU: primacy of French law over EU law, secession from the eurozone (bring back the Franc), possibility of economic borders (e.g. import quotas in certain sectors), abolition of the Schengen Area of free movement of people, €0 net contribution to EU budget, nationalization of agricultural policy. The FN says it would support continued EU membership under these conditions, which means in practical terms they vehemently oppose EU membership. (RR- just replace 'EU' with 'UN' for tips applicable to America).

As for the United States, any Muslims already on our land -including the ones we unfortunately awarded 'citizenship' to- need to be pressured heavily into assimilation, all mosques monitored with cameras 24/7 by Homeland Security, ENGLISH MADE MANDATORY in all schools/government business, and any and all spewing Islamic hate speech prosecuted and swiftly deported- 
not handed long, expensive prison sentences providing them the opportunity to fill our penitentiaries with Muslim venom. 

In New York City -terrorist target #1- klueless Komrade DeBlasio needs to
re-instate 'stop and frisk' -so Chief Bratton can do his frickin' job.

Any with even an email or a twitter post -or T-shirt- connecting-to/promoting ISIS or any such group should be arrested, harshly interrogated, and deported. Better an error of action than inaction, as only a fool would extend benefit-of-the-doubt to Islamists and their enablers at this point... 
we've seen enough. 

US citizen? TREASON.

Muslims despise the West primarily because they are JEALOUS,
not to mention ignorant, backwards, suppressed, incompetent, unskilled, brainwashed with delusional, blame-shifting bitterness... and sexually warped. They live in countries with no justice, no joy, no opportunity, and little beauty or hope for anything getting better for them- not hard to see how they might prefer to live elsewhere.

But their problem isn't our problem,
-even though they clearly are out to make it so-
I'm afraid they're going to have to just stay there and duke-it-out/ fix what they've got, which they will be forced to do once we remove the easy option. 

We've tried reaching out and welcoming these people for decades now... and even if you think they're assimilating -they're good at putting up that front- Muslims always put the tribe first, they'll NEVER be 'one of us'... and they're already taking-over at the lower political levels in this country.

The very fact the rest of the Muslims aren't out there front-and-center criticizing such terror acts shows you they don't mind it- polls have said the same

And if they wanted to spare themselves from having generous, kind,
good-faith people that welcomed all to our shores now turn on Muslims
(and wish we'd never heard of them), they should have LEAD the blowback against these animals... instead of sitting back and making excuses for their wild-eyed brothers, cousins, and fathers. And I'm talking right from 9/11.

Figure it out- rather than bonding with all the rest of us in the wake of 9/11, NYC Muslims put their collective energy into consolidating their gains with plans for a triumphant 'Ground Zero Mosque' (thankfully squashed).

Instead of the Saudis actually helping to relieve the current, ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe, they offer to build 200 mosques in Germany to aid the new arrivals in remaining focused on their (real) mission.

And now all you're going to hear from the left and Muslim groups is how we shouldn't judge all the rest- and how practical solutions are bad, somehow. NOT that Muslims need to keep their worst the hell away from us...
or they're all going to suffer the consequences.

When you have a country like the US, built on high ideals, fairness, justice -facing relentlessly-scheming savages out to kill us- our democracy
-and soft hearts- place our society at a distinct disadvantage. We have a fixed, open system of 'rights' they can easily manipulate with the aid of complicit leftists and other helpful idiot Americans. All they need is a plan- and lack of effective opposition.

Alas, the Islamists will always abuse 'Freedom of Religion' in this war-
clearly the time has come for us to harden our hearts, minds, and laws-
because WE ARE LOSING. 

Europe opens her doors wider than ever before, and within a couple months you get this... there is NO possible benefit of bringing Muslims into western societies that justifies the time, effort, cost, and CASUALTIES of having to sort through the endless hordes ad-infinitum, all in some inevitably vain effort to pick out the bad ones before they get to us.

Can't put a wall up around this country fast-enough... and don't try and make the Muslims already here like you- they're not going to anyway, unless you submit to Sharia. It's THEY who need to answer for why they are wasting the GOLDEN opportunity SO appreciated and well utilized by previous waves of Poles, Irish, etc that we have previously welcomed to the USA. If you think you're too good to assimilate and become ONE OF US Achmed, then go back where you came from- really.

We need to AGGRESSIVELY confront all US Muslims -and certainly in Europe too- for not doing A DAMN THING to condemn, contain, or even
attempt to de-glorify Islamic terror perpetrated upon the west in the name of their murderous 'religious' cult.

When's the last time you ever heard of a Muslim reporting a
terrorist plot being planned? NEVER- 
because they're same as the the
old-line NYC Italian Mafia, where the mobsters/criminals are viewed by the others as 'bad guys... but they're our bad guys'. 

Thus, Islam is like the Mafia, Nazis, and Satanism all rolled-into-one... the'll never 'rat' on one of their own... doesn't that make them ALL complicit?

ABC (Australia)   CraigWilly   WSJ

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