09 November 2018

REPORT: Donald Trump Jr. Arrest Imminent

Bonus Rumor: Roger Stone too 😀

Sources close to the Mueller investigation are saying they expect the 
Special Counsel to strike with shock-n-awe and arrest/indict  Donald Trump Jr as early today... something Donald Trump Jr himself has reportedly even stated to friends of his. 

Who says something like that without real reason for feeling so? There's certainly plenty of ways he would know, from questioning of colleagues before a Grand Jury or an indictment already sealed... perhaps they have in fact informed his lawyer, testing the waters for a plea deal.

There was a time when Don Jr tried to blaze another path in life, yet he inevitably fell into sphere of his father and the family real estate/money laundering/conniving-with-the-Russians/mob/Russian mob business. 

Seems the day when he rues that decision may already have arrived.

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