31 October 2014

TGIF Toons

28 October 2014

RePri Attempts Reach-Out to Conservatives:
'If We Win the Senate,
We WILL Stop Amnesty'

Sadly, he also suggests that blanket opposition to large-scale 
guest-worker programs is 'getting into the weeds'...

Anybody in our party talk about growth and 
creation of wealth anymore? 

Shining City on a Hill? Or is that too corny in 2014?

27 October 2014

Canadian Soldier Ambushed by Islamic Kook Held EMPTY Gun Because Guarding Monuments
is Deemed Purely 'Ceremonial'

Nathan Cirillo -with empty gun- just 12 minutes before being shot

When I first heard of Nathan Cirillo being shot at Ottowa's unknown-soldier monument, I just assumed he never saw it coming and couldn't resist simply due to the element of surprise...