23 September 2014

GOOD NEWS: Your Odds of Being Killed in a Freak Vending Machine Accident are Only 112M-to-1

CRUZ: 'If the Objective Were to DESTROY ISIS within
90 Days... What Would Be Necessary -Militarily-
to Do That...?' HAGEL/DEMPSEY: (*crickets*)

22 September 2014

Former Yukos Chief/Political Prisoner
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Says HE Can Transform Russia Into a Thriving, Modern, and Peaceful Country

"I would not be interested in becoming Russia's president 
if my country was developing normally..." 

It did come as a surprise last December, when Vladimir Putin suddenly signed an early release for Mikhail Khodorvkovsky, who was the richest man in Russia ($15B) when he was jailed for 'tax evasion' (read: challenged Putin) in 2003...

20 September 2014

Barry Needs His Fix

Boehner and Yellen are the dealers, I reckon...

on Non-Issue in New Hampshire  -Dan Riehl @ Breitbart

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