22 October 2014

Canadian Parliament Attack

LIVE attack terrorist STREAMING from CBC Canadian Parliament Shooting

Delighting in U.S. Leadership Void, Castro Regime
Rounds-Up Record # of Political Prisoners in 2014

What happened to Raul Castro's 'reforms'?

Hump-Day Humor

hump day humor

21 October 2014

JERRY REED: 'Amos Moses' - 1970

Hyper-Liberal Daily Kos:
'Obvious' that 'Republicans are Going to Win
-and They're Going to Win BIG'

+50 GOP seats in the House - 'Armageddon' in the Senate

A demoralized contributor to the Daily Kos has laid-out the cold, hard truth for any residual hopenchangey-types out there harboring dreams of Obama's ceaseless fundraising somehow riding in and saving-the-day... 

20 October 2014

POLL: The Only Thing Chicagoans HATE More than Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the Green Bay Packers (!)

The campaign of a Democratic challenger to former-Obama-WH-Chief-of-Staff (and incumbent Chicago mayor) Rahm Emanuel -Chicago Alderman
Bob Fioretti- commissioned a poll this month to kick off his 2015 Chicago mayoral campaign... 

Current Global Ebola Outbreak Traced Back to
2-y.o. Child Fed Infected Bat-Meat in Guinea…