22 July 2014

Jerry Brown for President? LOLOL!!!

This Summer, Make Your Own Natural,
Mild, and CHEAP Mosquito Repellent:

Cutter's ain't bad, but not cheap either... 
and that Off stuff is kinda nasty-
try this homemade one instead:

Combine in a 16 oz bottle:
15 drops lavender oil
3-4 Tbsp of vanilla extract
1/4 Cup lemon juice.

Fill bottle with water, shake, and you're good to go-

h/t Kirby

How Long Before the Kremlin Fits DPR Commander Strelkov (Igor Girkin) with a Pair of Cement Shoes?

We all know he's lying, but Putin now cannot afford to tell the truth-
and 'Igor the Terrible' knows way, way too much

21 July 2014

Rare Historical Photos

Geo W Bush visits Texas oil fields with his dad, 1955

Signs of Pending Societal Collapse

This is the End...

20 July 2014


MH17 SMOKING GUN: 'Rebels' Caught Rushing
EMPTY BUK Launcher Back to Russia

And some experts think it wasn't even 'rebels' operating it,
they lack the (extensive) training required; 
rather, the killers were regular Russian troops... 

Ukrainian intelligence agents reportedly filmed the launcher used in the attack
being hurried to Russia - with two missiles missing

19 July 2014

OMG, Devo Were Right!!!

'God made man... but the monkey applied the glue'

photo CNN

Rare genetic mutation prevents Turkish family of 19 from being able to walk upright-- it's DE-evolution, just like Akron's finest tried to warn you about!