04 May 2016

'You Ignorant, Low-Information Bastards'

Larry Correa via Patterico:
Well, we're boned. It's going to be huckster fraud democrat against lying criminal democrat. 
Half the GOP hates the jackass. Question now is what percentage of us stay home or make a 3rd party protest vote. All those crossover democrats who voted for that orange half wit in the primaries will go back to voting democrat in the general election. He thinks young Bernie voters are going to vote for him? Fool. 
I've voted republican in every election of my adult life. I've volunteered and donated money. I can't in good conscience vote for this vile populist demagogue. If even a few percentage points of the GOP feels the same way, that's it. He's toast in the general. 
So he energizes the democrats, so they'll feel like they are fighting tyranny (now comes the great part where all the fawning media coverage turns on him) and he demotivates the republican base. 
All the kid glove BS from this season is over. Every vile nasty stupid thing he has ever done will be covered 24/7. By November he will be the most laughed at and despised candidate in history. Because he makes it too easy. 
So the classless boor probably loses to the sea hag. Not that it matters too much, since they'd both govern as authoritarian democrats, only one has more nationalist rah rah thrown in. 
Spare me the nonsense about lesser evils and SCOTUS judges. He won't make it that far. And by some miracle, like Hillary has a stroke, this rambling ignoramus wins, he would still screw that up somehow in his one term. Big question is does he suck enough to take the GOP with him?
And if you think he is going to actually build a wall, you are a sucker. 
Did I love Cruz? No. Because I was hiring an employee, not a god. He was the least likely to rape the Constitution. Instead we get an authoritarian, who is either lying, or made it to 70 before understanding basic American principles about liberty. 
You ignorant low information bastards. Motivated by fear and anger, you overlooked every gain made over the last few cycles, and traded it in to a lying huckster democrat for some magic beans. So you could stick it to the establishment, by electing the shit bird who funded them.
Edit to add, don't bother posting to argue. We are past that. Now we batten down the hatches and get ready for the suck.

If you want to gloat, you are an idiot who doesn't realize what you have wrought. If you feel disrespected, good. You should.

Ben Howe: The Mantra of #NeverTrump
Shall Be This...

After tonight’s stunning (or not so stunning) loss and Ted Cruz dropping out of the race, the question that I and others are being asked is will we unify behind the presumptive GOP nominee now that he is essentially inevitable? 
The answer is, of course not. 
#NeverTrump was not a fad.
It was not an attempt to change a narrative. It was not a wish or a desire.
#NeverTrump is a fact. 
Those who subscribe to the idea are saying that Trump is a dangerous, unpredictable man whose aspirations don’t align with conservatism. Whose morals are questionable at best. Whose relationship with the truth is not just tenuous, it’s borderline hostile.
#NeverTrump is not an endorsement of Hillary, it’s an acceptance that Hillary’s ascension is inevitable when the alternative is a wannabe despot... 

03 May 2016

Nancy Reagan’s Last Words:
‘DO NOT Vote for Donald Trump’

The National Report:
Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died on March 6 at the age of 94, remained mentally alert “until the very end,” according to a private nurse, who told reporters Mrs. Reagan’s last words to her were, “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

“She watched all the [GOP] debates,” said the nurse, identified as Althea Thoone. “She was very alert and kept up with all the news and current events, especially about the election. She said no true Republican would cast a vote for Donald Trump.”

“She was not happy at all because I don’t believe she thought Donald Trump was a real Republican. She took a turn for the worse after the [11th] debate when he started talking about his private parts, and all that other nonsense about Mitt Romney getting down on his knees'...

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Political Insiders in Swing States:

In the swing states that matter most in the presidential race,
Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

That’s according to top operatives, strategists and activists in
10 battleground states who participated in this week’s POLITICO Caucus. Nearly 90 percent of them said Clinton would defeat Trump in their home states in a November matchup... 

01 May 2016