29 May 2015

Putin's Purchase of the Clintons Varied Little fr How He Dealt w/ Yanukovych, Moscow's Own Shady Elite

TGIF Toons

26 May 2015

Kimberly Guilfoyle: MAKING THE CASE

She's often the most conservative argument 
presented on The Five... I think Kimbo's one of us

6,000 Unwanted, Unloved 1st-Generation
Chevy Volts Rotting On Dealer Lots

'Once a loser, always a loser' may be the new motto of Government Motors...

25 May 2015

President Ronald Reagan Speaks on Memorial Day:

'While the other party has tried to build a coalition by segmenting America 
into warring factions -over the past years, pitting white against black... 
women against men... young against old- we've taken a more positive path'

'Those who say we live in a time of no heroes....
they just don't know where to look.'