29 August 2018

Outgunned US Army Isn’t Prepared
For War With Russia

John Schindler @ The Observer:
Ever since our lopsided victory in the Gulf War in early 1991, the U.S. military has been venerated by many Americans as an unbeatable force. How rapidly our combined air-ground offensive crushed Saddam’s large yet ponderous army gave the Pentagon an aura of invincibility. Military leaders and defense thinkers proclaimed the dawn of new era in warfare. With our advanced technology and precision strikes, everything was different... 

28 August 2018

Manafort wanted to manage 2008 GOP convention- but John McCain denied him the job because
he had SO many pro-Russian clients (& told him so!)

A central feature of John McCain’s biography was his capacity for change. After he sullied himself in the Savings and Loan scandal of the late eighties, he self-consciously transformed into a warrior on behalf of the cause of political reform...

23 August 2018

Now More Than Ever,
Manafort Looks Like a Kremlin Agent

John Schindler @ Observer:
Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in Federal court Tuesday afternoon dealt a powerful blow to the president, and it was followed in one-two-punch fashion by a potentially devastating hook from Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, who’s been making the rounds explaining that his client will be “more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows” about any crimes, collusion and hacking. Yesterday, investigators added yet another slap to the face with a subpoena for Cohen in their investigation into the Trump Foundation.

But the deadlier blow—the one that kills you days or weeks later—
may have come from Paul Manafort... 

20 August 2018

'As a Former Russia Analyst... I am Convinced
POTUS is In Thrall to Vladimir Putin'

18 August 2018

Patty Reagan: 'My Father Would Be Appalled'