12 April 2018

History Will Show the Media Completely Butchered Coverage of the 'Access Hollywood' Tape

The most important thing that consumers of the news media need to know is that the machinery of how news is produced is fundamentally broken. The bigger and more sensational a story is, and the more rapidly the story reported, the greater the chance that the reporting of that story will be dramatically screwed up... 

10 April 2018

FBI Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer
Michael Cohen, POTUS Freaks Out

The F.B.I. raided the Rockefeller Center office and Park Avenue hotel room of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, on Monday morning, seizing business records, emails and documents related to several topics, including a payment to a pornographic film actress.

Mr. Trump, in an extraordinarily angry response, lashed out hours later at what a person briefed on the matter said was an investigation into possible bank fraud by Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump accused his own Justice Department of perpetrating a 'witch hunt' and asserted that the F.B.I.
'broke into' Mr. Cohen’s office...

21 March 2018

Mueller’s Latest Move Hints that Jeff Sessions
May Have INDEED Cut a Plea Deal...

Over the weekend, Palmer Report asked aloud if Attorney General
Jeff Sessions might have already cut a secret plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation, as Sessions’ behavior increasingly seemed to suggest that he had done so. 

Mueller and his team have just made a move in the investigation which hints that Sessions may have indeed cut a deal...

13 March 2018


The Fox and Trump media enterprise today launched into a spasm of complete ecstasy as the House Intelligence Committee declared their investigation of Russian interference in our elections and their contacts with and collaboration with the Trump campaign over, done, solved. 

In their alternate reality, they’re declaring the CASE CLOSED...

12 March 2018

Robert Mueller, NY State Asset Seizures,
& Donald Trump Dying Penniless in Prison

The 'great businessman' bankrupted multiple casinos 
& only survived financially because his main 
source of income came from laundering money

Palmer Report: 
While we know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a bounty of information that will ultimately bring down Donald Trump, we are not privy to much of that top secret intelligence. However, we already know of a multitude of charges that Trump could be indicted for. Even after Trump claimed it would be a red line if Mueller investigated his personal finances and business dealings, we discovered that this threat did not prevent Mueller from going after bank and business records... 

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