31 January 2019

Russians Leaked Mueller Investigation Evidence Online, Prosecutors Say

More than 1,000 files shared confidentially appeared to have been uploaded to a filesharing site, according to court documents...

17 January 2019

Just How Long are Republicans Going to
Enable the Trump-Putin Partnership?

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Jennifer Rubin @ Washington Post:
The Republican Party, once the strong-on-defense party -the party whose revered president said of the desired end to the Cold War, 'We win,
they [the Soviets] lose' -- showed its new, true colors on Wednesday. 

The AP reports on Wednesday’s vote on sanctions relief for a Russian oligarch. 'The Senate has narrowly upheld a Treasury Department decision to
lift sanctions from three companies connected to Russian oligarch
Oleg Deripaska. A vote to move forward on a Democratic resolution that would have reversed Treasury’s decision failed Wednesday on a 57-42 vote, just short of the 60 votes needed.' Eleven Republicans voted with Democrats to oppose lifting sanctions...

30 December 2018

Analysts Predict Break-Up of Russian Federation

American publisher and global intelligence company Stratfor forecasted the break-up of the Russian Federation in the next decade. According to Stratfor, the intervention of the USA and external management of the country for its nuclear disarmament will follow the collapse of Russia...

14 December 2018

Is Russia About to Invade Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin must be kicking himself. Four years ago, he could have invaded and seized most of Ukraine in a few weeks. Believing that Ukrainians were an 'artificial' nation led by 'fascists'-- however, he figured an invasion was unnecessary and the state would collapse on its own. 

Now, Ukrainians are daily demonstrating their desire to leave the Russian zone of influence forever. An invasion may be the only thing that could postpone the inevitable, but it's an extremely risky undertaking that could result in Russia's collapse...

09 December 2018

Michael Cohen Gathered DIRT on Jerry Falwell Jr- Utilized to Force Evangelicals Aboard the Trump Train

Influential evangelical leader and Donald Trump backer Jerry Falwell Jr. went into business with a young pool attendant he and his wife met while staying at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, according to a lawsuit filed in
Miami-Dade County...