19 March 2019

'Here’s How I Know Donald Trump is Going Down...'

There’s a British politician named Nigel Farage who’s clearly a Russian asset. He helped engineer the illegitimate Brexit vote that Putin wanted so badly, he’s been caught conspiring with Julian Assange, and more. 

Yesterday, after Britain came closer to canceling Brexit, Farage began privately begging European Union nations to kick Britain out – and he got caught in the act. 

He’s toast now...

16 March 2019

Russia’s Next Land Grab Won’t Be in an Ex-Soviet State... It Will Be in Europe.

First he came for Georgia, then for Ukraine... 
Vladimir Putin’s next target is likely to be 
a non-NATO nation in the EU

Mikheil Saalkashvili @ Foreign Policy 
Not many observers would consider the world’s coldest shipping lane a geopolitical hotspot. But that may be about to change. 

Last week, reports emerged that a new Kremlin policy will require all international naval ships to give Russia 45 days’ notice before entering the Northern Sea Route, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via the Arctic waters north of Siberia. 

Every vessel on the route, where Russia has invested heavily in sophisticated military infrastructure, will also be required to have a Russian maritime pilot on board

Ships found in violation of these restrictions may be forcibly halted, detained, or—in unspecified “extreme” circumstances—“eliminated.”...

15 March 2019

Biden, Beto (or Biden-Beto) Is the
GOP’s Worst Nightmare

Beto O’Rourke is running for president. 

 Joe Biden might join the field as soon as next week. 

I would give it even-money odds that one of these two will be the Democratic nominee and it’s entirely possible (let’s say 1-in-6) that they will both be on the Democratic ticket. 

 Let’s try to put our arms around how dangerous Biden, Beto, or Biden-Beto would be for Trump...

31 January 2019

Russians Leaked Mueller Investigation Evidence Online, Prosecutors Say

More than 1,000 files shared confidentially appeared to have been uploaded to a filesharing site, according to court documents...

17 January 2019

Just How Long are Republicans Going to
Enable the Trump-Putin Partnership?

Image result for trump putin gif unicorn

Jennifer Rubin @ Washington Post:
The Republican Party, once the strong-on-defense party -the party whose revered president said of the desired end to the Cold War, 'We win,
they [the Soviets] lose' -- showed its new, true colors on Wednesday. 

The AP reports on Wednesday’s vote on sanctions relief for a Russian oligarch. 'The Senate has narrowly upheld a Treasury Department decision to
lift sanctions from three companies connected to Russian oligarch
Oleg Deripaska. A vote to move forward on a Democratic resolution that would have reversed Treasury’s decision failed Wednesday on a 57-42 vote, just short of the 60 votes needed.' Eleven Republicans voted with Democrats to oppose lifting sanctions...