23 December 2012

Advanced 3-D Printing Technology on the Verge of Making Gun Control 'Impossible'

HaveBlue 3D-printed AR-15

Seems the progs are at it again, not actually accomplishing anything you could call 'progress' re. gun violence while pig-headedly attempting to fix yesterday's problems with solutions that never worked in the first place...

It's a long-running shtick with liberals, where they claim the ability to control the uncontrollable: now they're out to 'control' weapons-possession in the US just as 3D computer technology is making 'printed guns' a reality- a democratization of weaponry they're never going to put the kibosh on, obviously:
Forbes via Doug Ross:

Three months ago, the gunsmiths behind the group known as Defense Distributed announced their intention to create a working, lethal gun anyone can download and 3D-print at home. 

Now their experiments with actual 3D-printed firearm components and live ammunition have started. And they’re documenting their progress on video. Over the weekend the project’s founder Cody Wilson posted a YouTube clip of the group testing an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon Defense Distributed assembled with a 3D-printed lower receiver, the highly-regulated component that serves as the body of the gun onto which the barrel, stock, magazine and other elements are attached... 

...The result of Defense Distributed’s experiment: Their home-printed AR-15 piece cracked and fell apart after firing just six rounds. But Wilson still considers their first test of a partially-downloadable weapon a successful learning experience... 

...A lower receiver has special significance to gun enthusiasts: It’s the central part of the weapon that’s regulated by gun control laws and trackable by serial number. Print your own lower-receiver at home, and in many states all the other parts can be obtained without background checks or even identification...

And did you scheming Obammunist tools at DHS note the 3-D printed guns are made of plastic? MAYBE it's time you all stop putzing-around, fomenting war with the TEA Party and get to work on a way to deal with the undetectable AR-15 clones
Al Qaeda and Hamas operatives are going to have printed-up by the vanload the minute they waltz over the porous Mexican border you intentionally created.

Prices on 3D printers are dropping fast, but one capable of producing the AR-15 lower receiver used in the test above would run in the $10,000-range... not cheap, but hardly prohibitive, either.

For any who scoff at the fact that at the current state-of-the-art, printed guns tend to disintegrate after a few shots, you know that's going to change as the technology advances- something that never seems to take very long these days. 

fwiw, in the 1940s the US Army found plenty value in distributing one-shot, throwaway guns to aid the European resistance behind Nazi lines, more here...

FP-45 Liberator handgun

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