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SergioVeskovic said...

I am very impressed by your blog and would love to interview you for my blog:
Please see below questions I would like you to answer:

What are your thoughts about the GOP campaign so far?
What do you think of Romney vs. Santorum race?
How do you think Social Media will play a role in this campaign? and can you compare it to Obama's campaign of 2008?
Ron Paul has a great Internet following what do you think other candidates are not doing right or need to do better?
What is your opinion of Super PACs and its influence in this GOP race?
If you have some other thought you would like to share please feel free.

Thank you so much and kind regards;

Sergio Veskovic

Reaganite Republican said...

Could you send an email address, Sergio?


M. Simon said...

There is only one way to defeat the Drug Cartels. End their price supports. End socialist support for them. End Prohibition.

Why? The harder you fight them the more money they make.

It is amazing to me that the right - so steeped in market economics - doesn't get this. So why does prohibition work for the cartels? About 90% of their product gets through.

How to stop it? A police state. Don't want that? Then try solving a medical problem with some other tool than police.

Anonymous said...
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dan said...

This amazing letter and check from President Reagan supporting little girl’s homeless walkathon coul

I knew that if it brought a tear to my eye.....
God Bless and thankyou for your efforts dan

Samuel Gonzalez said...


My name is Sam Gonzalez and my blog is called The Last Tradition

I’m a conservative and I think our blogs have a similar theme. Check
out my blog and if you like what you see I would very much like to be
added to your Blog Roll.

If you agree please write back with your URL and I gladly add you to my
Blog Roll.

Thanks for your time.

Gypsy said...

Reagan would be ashamed of MOST of the things said on this website!

Anonymous said...


DisgustedWithConservatives said...

Yes, Reagan would be ashamed! Especially of that DISinformation you are putting out, that Cruz could be or should be POTUS. He is in no way eligible, and you know it! If you don't, for shame! He fails 2 of the 3 items needed to qualify as 'natural born'. FOREIGN BORN, FOREIGN FATHER.

American mother may pass US citizenship on to him IF she files a CRBA. Look it up on the State Dept website! No evidence that she ever did.

Father was CUBAN and could pass HIS CUBAN citizenship on to him.

He was born in CANADA and thus became a citizen of Canada, NOT of America!

His policies leave much to be desire as well. Fast track TPP to give Obama MORE dictatorial powers??? Increase H1B visas by FIVE TIMES, to put FIVE TIMES as many Americans out of work????

Yeah, great "conservative"! Another FOREIGNER you want in charge of our MILITARY! With the Cuban father so close to him as "adviser" (like Jarrett to Obama), what happens when we have war with Cuba? It's heating up, you know. There might be relatives left over there. Then what happens if we have to do airstrikes where those relatives live? WHOSE SIDE WILL HE BE ON?????

To be POTUS: (1) American mother, (2) American father, (3) born in America. Doesn't count that dada got naturalized decades later. And he can't get stuffed back in the womb to be reborn in the USA.

Put out an article showing the truth. Or else we will know you are NOT a Reaganite site at all, just another poser pushing the RINO (and worse) agenda.

The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.

Daryl said...

I have an idea/suggestion for your artists:

You remember the famous picture of soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima? You should draw the Supreme Court justices raising the rainbow flag.

george pankey said...

To blog master. I've been following RR for many, many years now and enjoyed it alwas but in the last week I haven't been able to access the sunday, Wednesday or the friday toons, on my kindle or my android device. Has something changed? Please don't tell me i have to use an apple device, I don't do apple.

Stanislav said...

Your comment that Russia is not taking Syrian refugees is plain wrong. Russia has already taken in 12.000 refugees and Russian charity, including the Russian Orthodox church have been feeding and sheltering refugees for the past 4 years. So your statement is rather insultive to the efforts of thousands if not tens of thousands of good Russian Christians, shame on you. and it was not and is not Russia who is creating and arming the psychotic Islamic fanatics murdering civilians and exterminating Christians, it is the US and it's allies.

Anonymous said...

You guys have posted alot of great memes making fun of democrats but these Trump memes have been taking away from that. So RR doesn't support Trump, okay but please get back to those great memes you used to post.

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