01 August 2009

Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere...

As Barack Obama's precipitously tanking approval ratings swirl-around-the-rim en-route to the Big Flush- plenty to talk about out there this week...

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Riehl World View: Blogging legend Dan Riehl casts some sorely-needed light on the total and complete lack of transparency coming from Team Obama in the midst of the vital national debate on Obamacare... and in blatant violation of so many pledges to do otherwise.

Maggie's Farm: This week we're told of a little slip-of-the-tongue by Barney Frank (don't say it) which seemed to let-on to yet another Obama hidden agenda that runs in direct conflict with his previous promises...

No Sheeples Here: Carol at NSH touches-upon the ludicrous spectacle of Dan Rather lecturing us all on how we should be "concerned" for our democracy if -Heaven forbid- the MSM were to disappear from the political landscape. Mr Rather doesn't seem to realize that he's one of the primary culprits in it's credibility-implosion, nor does he understand capitalism much apparently- since he hasn't learned what the invisible hand of the market is trying to tell him and other Obama lap-dogs like the NYT.

America's Watchtower: Mr Pink Eyes at AW fills us in on how Obama’s wacked-out science czar advocated giving trees the right to sue.” Yeah... you read that right.

Moonbattery: In other far-left-freaks-now-in-Obama's-cabinet news- Van Jones, a communist and black nationalist, is Obama's Green Jobs Czar. So, how many green jobs has he produced so far? Any guesses? (...rhymes with "hero") Hey, just like Barack used to do it back in Chi-town! He learned well from his political capo, felon Tony Rezko-

The Other McCain: Blogosphere stalwart RSMc discusses why the Democrats' easily-gamed-and-already-broke Cash-for-clunkers program was such a beater from the day it rolled off the line. What does this mean for the legislative fate of these kind of misguided statist solutions that Team Obama prescribes for every ill?