26 August 2009

Sen Ted Kennedy Passes-Away at 77

Well, I do feel sorry for him and his family... while no fan, to be sure. And I'll say a prayer for Ted Kennedy and the rest of the clan (am Irish, after all)- I hope that you do to. It's tough, especially with the star-crossed Kennedy's history- I just went through all that with mine, and it's a drag.

Both Michelle Malkin and Jay at Stop the ACLU are correct in saying that exercising some restraint verbally and politically on our side is advisable... whilst on-the-ropes statist opportunists surely attempt to weld ObamaCare passage to "honoring" Teddy... or whatever. Besides the fact that we conservatives should show some class here, America could really use an example of moral clarity at this point in time- and they're not going to get it from the Left.

That said, Teddy Kennedy was a moral black hole.

As noted by Carol at No Sheeples Here, this man was a complete and utter fraud as leader of any kind, but long promoted as a poster-child for limousine liberal's noblesse oblige none-the-less. Kennedy's far-left, liberal influence on the laws of this land also did -and continues to do- far more damage than good. I don't know if he was an evil man, but oft-tipsy Teddy was a comprehensively irresponsible and selfish fake with a seriously-tweaked moral compass. And he had NO business preaching to anyone about anything to do with ethics or "social justice"- please.

But he did it anyway, and for decades- even after he committed carelessly cold manslaughter in an act of mind-boggling selfishness and poor judgement. He then dispensed relentless liberal drivel in the Senate because it was his best professional option, and they let him off the hook. If nobody that mattered to his political career cared... why should he? Like they say, great work if you can get it.

But the hugely damaging DNC/MSM formula of bringing-to-power undeserving and untalented hacks like Kennedy who possess some marketable quality-while concealing their past and granting them a license to kill- has repeated itself with already-disastrous results in the ascension of the unscrupulous Dear Leader today. For this reason, RS McCain is doing a VERY good thing in keeping Kennedy's true character in front of everyone, while stripping-away 40 years'-worth of disgraceful MSM spin. Plainly, this country can't afford mass amnesia and/or wishful thinking regarding it's leadership anymore... just look where it's gotten us.

If the embarassing failure to foist yet another unqualified Kennedy on the Senate earlier this year -and/or Hillary's political neutering- wasn't the end of these DNC shams and their enablers... then the pending economic nightmare of a gruesome double-dip recession coupled to 10+% inflation -all brought on by the DNC's latest profligate Golden Boy- ought to finally do the trick.

Or so you'd think. Alas, millions of fools now act like 9/11 just never happened. There's never any paucity of these willingly deluded slush-heads that Democrats peddle their self-perpetuating version of reality to. And as-long as the DNC enjoys a monopoly in this durable market... who needs a quality product?

UPDATE: Dan at Riehl World View links this post and states with moral clarity:

" Death is not an accomplishment, it's an event. Other than some maudlin sentiment, it does nothing to erase the past and how one actually lived their life."

Read the rest of his take on Kennedy's legacy -here-