26 September 2009

Full-Metal-Jacket Wrap-Around

The FMJWA -my best of the conservative/libertarian blogosphere- is inspired by Stacy at The Other McCain- per his How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog. The idea is to respect the drill seargant's principle in Kubrick's Full-Metal Jacket:

" When someone does you a favor,
find an opportunity to return the kindness."

Besides giving credit where credit is due, this provides the opportunity to share with readers some observations from out there in the Blogosphere....

And another big week for conservative New Media... meaning a relatively bad one for the Dear Leader and his wacked-out agenda... oh well:

Another Black Conservative put-up an appalling video of young schoolchildren in a southern New Jersey school being indoctrinated by their way-out-of-line Obot teachers- including a brainwashing Barney-style sing-along (puke sounds here).

And he asks a great question, too: the Dept. of Education had a lesson plan for Obama's school-speech... did they also have a conference call with teachers and/or principles like the NEA? Sure seem to be working off the same talking points... and tightly.

He additionally provides us a high-school test re. Obama that is simply beyond belief -here- Somebody needs to tell these kooks to stay away from our kids- they sure don't seem to know where the line is.

Moonbattery serves-up still more telling video evidence of the 9/12 crowd size at the DC TEA party -which most serious people put at over 1.5M- further exposing the MSM spin of 60-70K protesters in what amounts to a voluntary news blackout... -here-

Riehl World View has the NEA/ObamaCare scandal covered- where now it looks like the director who led the conference call has been demoted to designated fall-guy (like the WH didn't know) and has now joined the ranks of the unemployed... like most artists -here-

Dan also came-up with a pretty comical video of Glenn Beck's early "career"- and it's not pretty -here-

The Other McCain investigates Obama's bizarre, self-absorbed books... and who actually wrote them -here-... Stacy also served-up a very informative look at the foggy aftermath re. the census worker found dead with "fed" supposedly scrawled on his chest... those interested in the actual truth can find it -here-

►Left Coast Rebel looks at the tent that Wacky Quaddafi pitches wherever he goes, and why this one's set-up -on the Trumpster's dirt- didn't quite go to-plan -here-

►Gateway Pundit brings the unsettling news that the seriously misguided Obama Administration is now doling-out your tax dollars directly to American-killing Col Quaddafi's personal "charities"- nice, huh? More -here-

►Stop the ACLU WT Huston's piece on the CBO's latest ObamaCare cost estimates are certainly illuminating- and in the sort of way Team Obama might not like so much. Trouble is -like ol' Joe Wilson- the Budget Office is calling the president a liar when he says they'll be no tax hikes to pay for it... read more -here-

►Vodkapundit says that nobody's buying our long-term T-bills anymore- and sums-up just what this -together with printing money 24/7- means to this country's budget, currency, and economy -here-

Also liked his Letterman bit Deconstructing Dave -here-

►Vocal Minority has one of the funniest Obama parodies you've seen in a while... this one is pretty comical -here-

Atlas Shrugs put up the whole of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's much-discussed speech at the UN of "have you no shame?" fame -here-... really recommended if you've got the 30 mins. I felt for the guy... having to endure all the drivel coming from Ahmedinijad, Chavez, Quaddafi -not to mention Chairman O's shameful betrayal- what a drag.

And neoneocon did an informative sum-up of a Week of Obama Weakness... and you can read that -here-

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