17 September 2009

Where'd that Mojo Go, B.O.?

Barack Obama has ever done in his charmed political career is
campaign- and get elected. And the rails were always well-greased by first the Chicago Machine, then later the DNC -with some opponents even removed from the ballot by dubious legal means so the rising star could run unopposed. Playing to strength, campaigning was all Barack really needed -or wanted- to do... sure didn't show much interest in writing legislation -or even voting.

And it all went to plan for Obama and the Democrats as long as there was some hill left to climb- an early acquaintance said "He was always running for something". Later, as a young Illinois politician -then US Senator- Obama seems to have spent most of his time shmoozing and preparing for the next campaign- while writing books about himself, of course.

As US President, he's continued to stump-away, too- with no end of it in sight. And wowing-the-plebes with "soaring rhetoric" (plus some strategic scare-mongering) pushed the thoroughly useless $800B "stimulus" package over the finish-line... although he likely already wishes he hadn't.

The problem now for this career hack is not only the lack of new peaks to aspire to, but that Obama's finally landed in a position where reality calls the bluff on his fictional leadership skills- and the cupboard's bare. Since his actual legislative agenda is far, far to the left of how he has portrayed it, cap-n-trade and card-check initiatives have met with serious resistance on the Hill... as is the case now with Obamacare. And contrary to legend, Barack Obama doesn't seem able to actually talk anyone into anything.

The Boy Wonder is now seriously over-exposing himself, in desperation- and it just doesn't work anymore. As his legislative agenda crumbles and self-inflicted negatives such as Van Jones are a further drag on the Dear Leader's poll numbers, appearing on five shows this coming Sunday (plus David Lecherman) isn't likely to help much... The Wiz has had his curtain yoinked. Obama has been exposed (to the initially deluded) as a mere mortal- a habitually dishonest and managerially untalented one at that. And now he's starting to really get on our nerves.

Just one week after Obama's much-hyped Obamacare speech, opposition to his HC "reform" initiative has reached an all-time high... with 55% now against the legislation. As a matter of fact, support for his big-government HC schemes has eroded steadily ever since Obama began campaigning in support of it... the numbers suggest that he's actually scared-off more people than he's won. It's like a salesman at the car dealer who doesn't know when to stop talking... you start to wonder what he's up to.

Alas, a normal person would likely shut-up at this point, but narcissists like Obama have no interest in being normal... they can only operate under the assumption that they are "special". So expect more condescending drivel from the Dear Leader as he bravely and selflessly fights "disinformation" and "educates the public" about his new, massive goverment-run health care fantasy. Please tell me how this hectoring of the electorate and Congress is any different than some preachy Marxist lecture in Havana.

And it's hard to imagine that Obama and Reid are seriously considering reconciliation to pass the bill with such massive dissatisfaction out there... and Obama's own poll numbers so weak. Threats to use an obscure parliamentary maneuver to ram this unpopular bill down America's throat are likely just strategic bluster, IMO- it's doubtful that even these hubrisitic statists believe they could get away with that, regardless of what they're telling you now.

This is not the time for patriots to let-up the pressure, though- Obama-Pelosi-Reid do know what's at stake here for them.... everything. They'll be fighting tooth-and-nail to get this bill passed in some form that allows them to claim victory... so Obamacare's own death panel -the American people- need to deliver the grim verdict resolutely on this irreversible statist power-n-tax grab.

And well-done on 9/12, folks... a model going forward!

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