24 October 2009

Full-Metal-Jacket Weekend Wrap

The FMJWA -a best of the conservative/libertarian blogosphere- is inspired by Stacy at The Other McCain- per his How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog...

" When someone does you a favor,
find an opportunity to return the kindness."

Riehl World View- Dan now sees an Obama trapped between his leftist base and center-Right America... and with nowhere left to go -here-

He also makes a direct -and overdue- appeal on the part of all conservatives to John McCain: Please go away -here-

Moonbattery- Mary tells us how what was supposed to be the "most transparent administration in history" is now shielding his myriad czars from having to bother with testifying on the Hill

And Van covered Charles Krauthammer's caustic take on Obama's ill-advised assault on Fox News... and how long before this guy goes full-Chavez on us? -here-

Libertarian Advocate- is dancing-in-the-end-zone as the other networks finally found the spine to stand-up to the Dear Leader... delivering him a nuclear pimp-slap over his unprecedented and disturbing attempt to ban Fox from the WH press pool -here-

Left Coast Rebel- has Jeb Bush pontificating on the GOP's future again- you know, he's the political genius that called Reaganite principles "nostalgia" a couple months back. Seriously, I don't think anybody's really listening to you Jeb... I know I'm not -here-

Gateway Pundit- found a spontaneous protest against ObamaCare broke-out at flu-shot line -here-

The Other McCain- Introverted shrinking-violet Stacy McCain announces the triumphant return of... er, himself -here-... as he's on the road with the Hoffman campaign in upstate NY.

Meanwhile, pardner Smitty holds-down-the-fort back in Atlanta- with a useful swing-state summary/update -here-

Founding Bloggers- does an excellent summary of Obama's far-left, class-warfare alliance- a Hexagon of Progress (puke sounds here)- Who was it that said "know your enemy"? Whoever it was... good advice, that -here-

MAInfo- has bus-driver Obama ready to curb-chuck the brave, principled.... and scared Blue-Dogs

No Sheeples Here- says something I think we can all agree with: that Team Obama Maoist Anita Dunn has a sense of irony that's simply appalling -here-

Flopping Aces- finds the Obama White House -smelling a loser- distancing itself from the feeble Democratic candidate in Virginia's Gubernatiorial race... and of course in the most underhanded, Alinskyite way -here-

Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion- examines a concern troll of the dinosaur media, Joe Klein... who's obsequiously accused Fox News of sedition- perhaps a Nobel -or a medal- will be in order for this one -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport- Pat's got Sarah Palin's endorsement of Doug Hoffman for NY-23 -here-

And she's also got the clip of Bobby Jindal on Hannity last night -here-

Another Black Conservative- delivers a real gem where San-Fran-Nan was cornered on the constitutionality of an individual health-insurance mandate... and of course she tried to just blow-it-off

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Libertarian Advocate said...

RRR: Great FMJRA round up, especially for the flu stricken like me. Thanks for the inclusion

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