10 October 2009

Giving It to 'em with Both Barrels...

Conservative bloggers are on a roll... armed-to-the-teeth with truth, defending liberty, justice... and the American Way!

Stop the ACLU provides video of the always-frank John Bolton's take on the political machinations that brought our Underachiever-in-Chief a Nobel- and how it's really not going to help him -here-

Gateway Pundit has this gem: Lecherman took his young mistress along on vacation with the family -here-.. stay classy, Dave- you demented freak.

He also touches on how Barack Obama is the first NPP winner to have endorsed genocide... a true trailblazer -here-

Goombah News Network's Nickie reports on how the great Kim Jong Il shot 38 under par... on the only 18 he's ever played. They then deliver the delightful news that our own Dear Leader -fresh off his peace-prize award- is currently running third in voting for the NCAA's Heisman Trophy!

Not to mention the Tour de France... -here-

Moonbattery says it's time to dump those Obama futures... as the Nobel Prize award is surely the kiss of death, indicating panic on the part of Euro-liberal elites... -here-

And just like David Plouffe's internet troll patrol run out of the DNC, now Obama's wackjob AG Eric Holder has assembled his own squad to attack conservative blogs and any other new media messages running contrary to his agenda... the difference being that this one is paid for with taxpayer dollars

Left Coast Rebel has the reaction on Obama's undeserved Nobel from RNC Chairman Michael Steele -here-... as well as the snarling Russian response -here-

►Texas-4-Palin tells us just who's money is keeping boring teenage moron Levi Johnston in the public eye as much as possible- and who they're connected to. Maybe Pat Buchanan was right when he said Todd Palin should just take ol' Levi down to the river and "hold his head underwater until the thrashing stops"-

Read more about the insidiuous Left's plans for this useful idiot -here-

The Other McCain conducts a brief study re. those who found it comical that Obama is displaying a plagiarized piece of art in the WH... and it's raaaacism, of course -here-

Also of interest at The Other McCain: When the going gets weird... -here-

Riehl World View: as mentioned above, Dan was on BBC TV and radio yesterday, schooling one of their typical left-leaning panels a bit... -here- Some of 'em looked like they weren't used to hearing the truth about Obama... good work, Dan! I always wished they'd get somebody like you on that show...

No Sheeples Here asks now that Obama has his inexplicable Nobel, what will he do for an encore? The answer's provided in one of Carol's slick new YouTube video productions -here-

Libertarian Advocate delves a bit into previoust Nobel Peace Prize winner Yassir Arafat- and why this award has been a farce ever since they gave it to that terrorist scum -here-. Also, why the ludicrous choice of Barack Obama will usher-in an era of complete irrelevancy for the NPP...

Weasel Zippers has a must-see video of Charles Krauthammer's recent speech in which he explains how our country's ill-advised liberal bender could soon lead this country into an irreversible decline... -clip here-

WZ also tells us that Israel will surely attack Iran's nuclear facilities if real sanctions that bite aren't in-place by Christmas -here-

So It goes in Shreveport has a clip of John Boehner's challenge to one of the current American junta's favorite parliamentary tricks- undisclosed "phantom amendments" -here-

And I'd have to agree with Pat's observation: You have to go through a Carter... to get to a Reagan -here-

►Camp of the Saints had a great sum-up of the bewildered reactions thoughout the blogosphere to Obama's wholly un-earned and even unhelpful Nobel Peace Prize award