03 November 2009

Country Star John Rich on "Dede Schizophrenic"

The Watertown Daily Times covered Doug Hoffman's final rally with John Rich, Fred and his wife Jeri Thompson, and others last-night in Watertown last night. The energetic mood was described as "raucous", and Thompson made a heartfelt statement of support, as he recollected on how all this had came to be.

Hoffman -speaking before John Rich's set- pledged that if elected, "I'm not going to fool around"...

"I'm going to get on the Armed Services Committee and I'm going to make sure that everything we can do for Fort Drum, we do it. I'm going to make sure that we help Watertown with new jobs, new businesses and new economy that's going to carry us through for the next 10, 20, 50 years."

Mr. Hoffman also pledged to "stop the Nancy Pelosi agenda of higher spending, higher taxes, more government regulations, more red tape. And most of all, we don't need them running our health care system."

"Tomorrow, there's going to be a lot of conservative partying going on in this neck of the woods," said Rich, half of the country duo Big and Rich.

Rich also took swipes at Dierdre K. Scozzafava and the Republican officials who picked her as a congressional candidate over Mr. Hoffman.

"I'm a little sideways with the Republican Party for putting up Dede Schizophrenic," he said.

The singer said of Ms. Scozzafava's decision Saturday to suspend her campaign:

"There was a fox in the hen house, but you know what? We smoked that fox out."

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