23 November 2009

Diplomatic Klutz Obama Botches Asian Tour

While the MSM are brushing-over it with another thick coat of Everybody Just Loves Barack, the actual results -and impressions- of this month's trip to Asia are that of a complete washout...

The sad truth is that Obama went there desperately hoping to persuade the Chinese government to let its people buy more American products... and he failed.

As noted at American Thinker, the Wall Street Journal reporters' reading of the body language immediately following his final meeting on November 17 with Chinese President Hu Jintao:
The two leaders issued the statement in an awkward fashion -- at a press "availability" where they took no questions, didn't address each other and exhibited body language that seemed to say they had been frustrated by the entire exercise....
Obama needed Hu's cooperation on the trade deficit... but didn't get it. Without more balanced trade with China, his recovery plan will almost certainly fail.

This administration has been trying to pressure China to buy more American products for some time now- and Obama has given numerous public statements and speeches on the topic. But instead of any improvement, US trade imbalances have been growing -even in our weak economy- since February, and the deficit with China's leading the way.

So like other insatiable US rivals that Obama has kissed-up to, the Chinese -perhaps the most daunting amongst them- have laughed the Boy Wonder right out-of-town. And why shouldn't they? They practically own us already, and our guy acts like he has no cards to play... except begging.

And how'd it go with our ally... Japan?

WT Huston writes at Brietbart's Big Government:
The Japanese media has reported that Obama’s recent state visit to their island nation was a big failure, but the U.S. media is mum on the mess that Team Obama made in Japan.
He made multiple diplomatic gaffes and this is quite aside from the absurdly low bow that the incompetent president perpetrated upon greeting the Japanese Emperor Akihito.
The weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun termed Obama's visit "miserable," and "the worst US-Japan summit meeting in history".

In another slap-in-the-face for Tokyo, it was obvious that the American president was far more interested in China, anyway... as four days were scheduled for the Communists while only two were scheduled for them.
Obama was even left waiting in a car for five minutes at the entrance to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence... highly unusual, and perhaps a message of rebuke of the US leader by Japanese officials for Obama's disrespectful last-minute changes of schedule and other gaffes.
Shukan Bunshun magazine also notes that while the Japanese had “a total of 14 officials, including six cabinet ministers, the Foreign Minister Okada, the Defense Minister Kitazawa,” the president’s retinue only consisted of members of "Team Obama" and no other American officials of high standing. This was taken as a message that Obama did not consider this meeting very important...
Apparently PM Hatoyama did not feel much respect for Obama either... since as host, he essentially abandoned his guest in mid-visit and flew off to Singapore.
This is just the latest episode of the arrogant and clueless Obama Administration's dissing close US allies... while pursuing a policy of ill-advised appeasement towards our enemies.
First the British... then the Germans... the Sarkozys... and now the Japanese.
And regardless of what got into Obama's head that had him bowing so absurdly... the last thing the Japanese need is a weak and disrespected America- so they were aghast.
Only a stubborn, and delusional narcissist the likes of Barack Obama would think that his odd agenda could be made to work by sheer force-of-will and obstinacy, while going against all common sense and historical precedent... and as the failures continue to mount.
One shudders to think of the sort of calamities we'll need to endure in-order to snap this disloyal-yet-apologetic incompetent out of it... if that's even possible.
God help us in the meantime-
And from former Obama-pumpers at the
left-leaning German weekly Der Speigel: