21 November 2009


The FMJWA -a best of the conservative/libertarian blogosphere- is inspired by Stacy at The Other McCain per his How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog... and based on the principle that-

" When someone does you a favor,
find an opportunity to return the kindness."

Riehl World View has yet another "progressive" getting pwned... and by his own post -here-

Dan's also got the most juicy 2 minutes of Sarah Palin's interview on Hannity... like the part where she disses the latest Oba-bow... and unapologetically praises George W Bush -here-

Moonbattery sees Sacramento's masters of Leftist kleptocracy Hoovering cash out California's more productive citizens' wallets like there's no tomorrow... and there may not be one the way things are going lately out there. Like this week's near-riot at UCLA over a huge tuition hike... video clip -here-

And So it Goes in Shreveport- examines her own Senator Landrieu's $100M+ sellout on ObamaCare... she's now facing protestors back home -here-

Moe Lane has the clip of nominal "conservative" Lindsey Graham looking like a real one, for once... and in areas where he displays a little more common sense, like foreign policy and the war on terror. And man, did he school Eric Holder, who looked like a schoolboy in disgrace, and one who had not done his homework -here-

No Sheeples Here did her weekly FMJWA blogger summary themed on Palin... and paranoia she's causing on the Left. Did the Reaganite make the cut...? Of course, what am I... chopped liver? -here-

Left Coast Rebel proves that there's nothing funnier than a drunk chick at a wedding -here-

The Other McCain's Stacy found still more scientific kookery from the Globaloney cult -here-... whilst emalgimated co-blogger Smitty finds confusion out-there regarding just what should constitute Reagan 2.0 -here-

Another Black Conservative has must-see video on the ACORN scandal's latest chapter unfolding out in Los Angeles... and what's become apparent is that this longterm ally of Barack Obama's is absolutely rotten-to-the-core -here-

Stop the UCLA Cassie's posted a great read on the political security of affable RINO/epic campaign FAIL John McCain in Arizona... looks like a possible challenge from the right out there. Will Sarah Palin ride-in to the rescue...? Read all about that -here-

MAinfo's Opus#6 has militant moonbats attempting to intimidate the brave and principled Joe Lieberman -here-

Conservative Pup says we've attained transparency at last... but it's nothing like what the disingenuous Obama pledged on the stump last year... -here-

►Gateway Pundit has the Republican weekly radio address- a gem calling the ObamaCare bill now in the Senate a "national disaster" -here-

Down Under, on the Right-Side- If you're not yet familiar with this conservative Aussie blogger, have a look- I enjoy MK's posts and can tell you this man is a good friend of the United States of America... like many of our freedom/opportunity-loving allies down there.

Conservative Generation has our misguided Democrat-led government in overdrive, working hard to squelch economic recovery on all fronts -here-

Reminds one of the story where American patriot and baseball/folk legend Yogi Berra was driving and someone yelled from the back seat "Yogi, I think we're lost"- to which Berra deadpanned "Yeah, but we're making great time!"

Adrienne's Catholic Corner- you have got to see this list Adrienne's compiled of the new taxes we'll all be facing if they pass this ObamaCare disaster... unreal

Looks like Reid isn't the only veteran Democrat in danger of losing his seat... Libertarian Advocate has veteran Corruptocrat Chris Dodd in deep doo-doo in CT -here-

Right Pundits ponder the amusing possibility of Liz Cheney in 2012 -here-

Government Mess Michigan's preeminent rookie blogger and Ted Nugent Republican is back from a week of deer-hunting up north... I don't know how that went but can see he's back-in-the-saddle already

And the Amusing Bunni -reporting from direct from the belly-of-the-beast, Chicago- has a clip of the latest appalling crimes of ACORN... and then Andrew Brietbart putting incompetent and confused AG Eric Holder up against the wall with a real serious threat -here-