25 November 2009

Michelle Obama Monkey Pictures

Surely in poor taste, and undoubtedly racist... but funny? I don't think so, but I guess somebody does... unless they're just looking to strike-back in any way they can.

The LA Times ran this statement from Google- who are surprisingly stopping-short of removing the image from their search-results... I honestly would think it could be justified, but they're sticking to the letter of their user agreement apparently:

Although Google won't alter the process that places the offending image among its top results, the company placed a house advertisement with the headline "Offensive Search Results" above the picture. Clicking the ad leads to a statement that says, in part, "We assure you that the views expressed by such sites are not in any way endorsed by Google."
The statement apologizes "if you've had an upsetting experience using Google," but it states that Web pages are not removed from its process unless the content is illegal or violates the company's webmaster guidelines. Rubin said nothing in the guidelines deals with this kind of imagery.
Well, decide for yourself... the offending picture can be found -here-
I sure don't know why anyone would waste time bagging on her appearance, anyway- she's doing an unbeatable job herself... -here-
And while it's hard to condone this kind of "humor"... maybe if she didn't hate this country and continue to embarrass us all every time she slips into a new garish outfit and heads-out the door, then there wouldn't be such anger out there... and they'd treat her with a little respect.
Her husband's taking a wrecking-ball to this society isn't helping her appeal one bit, either- a lot of frustrated Americans would do almost anything to get a dig-in on this couple as they continue to ignore the voice of the people and drive the country off a cliff.

And Dan Riehl has more on the story -here-


Just a conservative girl said...

That is awful. Regardless of her belief system she doesn't deserve that.

One of the main issues with doing these types of things is the fact that person who did this is probably complaining about the treatment of Sarah Palin. One can't complain if they are enganging in the same type of behaviour.

She has young children who did nothing to deserve to have thier mommy to treated in such a way.

Red said...

I don't feel sorry for her. I think the picture is stupid but I also think the author of that picture is exercising his/her right to express him/herself albeit in a distasteful manner. How many slams have we seen of other political figures? I can't stand her nasty self either. Her personality is as garrish as her wardrobe. BOO. HOO.

Conservative Pup said...

I probably read too many mystery thriller type books, but my suspicious mind thinks that this is likely the work of either, a) a liberal trying to hurt conservatives; or, b) someone with absolutely no political motive who simply has no taste, no sense of humor, no manners, no moral core. Probably a 14 year-old.

Regardless of the source and motive of stuff like this, it will always be blamed on "racist conservatives" and there's not much we can do about it except condemn it and illuminate it whenever we find it. Thanks for doing that.

I have NO respect for this woman, nor for her husband, and believe that they are harming America. Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

it happened to Bush now it's happening to the Obamas. Lets see what they do. glad the image is there to show Michelle's salient ressemblance to monkeys indeed. the woman is impopular anyway so who cares.

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