04 November 2009

Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics

The message in yesterday's pushback of the Boy Wonder is clear- we don't want any more goverment and/or spending... period.

While the Obots will now be in spin-mode big-time, the truth is that the Obama spell is now broken... with Blue Dogs and RINOs surely mortified. ObamaCare needed those votes, so it's now in deep, deep trouble. And cap-n-tax? In the middle of a depression?

But regardless of how the WH still attempts to heap-it-all-on-Bush, the economy was key in all other judgements of Obama yesterday. As the only of his giant statist schemes to actually get passed, the ineffectual Stimulus legislation has turned-out to be $800B for nothing, except maybe a future surge of inflation. So voters had precious little else to judge Obama on... but his golf swing (mediocre)... he simply hasn't done anything.

David Plouffe's trolls and other mindless leftist drones are under marching orders to attack "failed" and "disproven" Reaganite views/policies such as trickle-down economic theory and the Laffer curve, anything to justify our country going in a completely opposite direction.
But just compare Obama's highly-fictionalized beautification of the disastrous New Deal (this time on steroids) with the real-world Reagan Recovery of the 1980s, which brought us back from 11% unemployment plus double-digit inflation and interest rates...
Ronald Reagan accomplished this with an adherence to Milton Friedman's Chicago-School philosophy- spending and tax cuts, in addition to deregulation and incentives for small businesses and entrepreneurs- all aided by Dutch's principled leadership, sunny optimism, and complete faith in the American free-market-enterprise system.
Of course, this is all 180 degrees from what Obama and Pelosi have foisted on us with the porkulus bill- small wonder then that their minions attempt to slander the legacy of Ronald Reagan... who in actuality gave us eight of the best years this country's ever seen. 

Reagan created over 20M jobsgrowing the country’s real GDP by almost 30% in the process. Those kind of results make one wonder why Obama’s multi-trillion-dollar spending would impress anybody, with his pledged 3.5M new and “saved” jobs -whatever those are- a paltry figure 16.5M jobs shy of The Gipper’s towering accomplishment.

And now it's clear that Obama's dubious promises can't be delivered upon anyway... unemployment is soaring, with almost no private sector jobs created whatsoever. Contrast this with Reagan's astute observation that "Entrepreneurs and small businesses are responsible for almost all of the economic growth in the United States"- and that the key to unleashing this lays in basically just getting out-of-their-way.
Of course, the MSM never asked Slim Smiley any questions about his contradictory pledges, comprehensive lack of business sense, or reckless economic policy... they were too busy with his lengthy puppy-vetting process, "cool" neckties... and how he likes to play hoops.
But the voters of this country look like they're starting to figure-it-out... at least in New Jersey and Virginia, anyway.