16 November 2009

Some Advice for Sarah Palin...

Seems there are some useful political lessons for the Arctic Fox in the Hutchinson vs. Perry gubernatorial contest in Texas, as told by Stacy "The Other McCain" McCain... and he thinks he might have found the guy who can get her all dialed-in:
If I were Sarah Palin... I'd look good in Manolo pumps, but let's not go there. (These hypotheticals always get me in trouble.)
Seriously, however, if I were Sarah Palin, I'd seek out the advice of Dick Armey...
-continued here-
Riehl World View even sees her communicating with Americans directly -by going over the talking-heads of the MSM- as Reaganesque... -here-

McCain then gets us up-to-speed on the psycho-dramatic peregrinations of The Atlantic's resident Palin-hater and Trig-truther-goofball Andrew Sullivan- sounds like he's got your number, Drew...

And why the relentless and shameful smear campaign by the American Left against the Killa from Wasilla... what started all this, anyway?

Well, a primary issue would be the fact that Palin was the first to call Obama on his lack of qualifications and experience at the GOP convention... and they've never forgiven her for this-- as a matter of fact, she's on The List.

In addition, Palin stands for the values most Americans hold dear... outside of CA and the Boston-DC corridor, anyway. She would put a halt to the outrageous social agenda of the far-Left moonbats that now control our Federal government... and they know it.

But the biggest reason for the orchestrated, pre-emptive assaults is plain, old-fashioned cowardice... Palin is a huge natural talent, and she scares them to death.

The DNC knows Obama's poll numbers will be in the toilet by 2012... and Sarah continues to speak-up against Obama's ludicrous schemes when many others won't. She's shown herself (as in NY-23) to be brave, sincere, and principled- while the Dear Leader has been promptly exposed as none of those things. She's made it abundantly clear she's opposed to most Obama Administration policies... and now those policies are beginning to fail.

But the fact that Sarah's been so highly successful in life -while completely ignoring the group-therapy victimhood of the left-wing feminist movement- explains the extra dose of venom in these attacks. Her impressive record of achievement turns the whole "Progressive" world on it's head... and she does it with a smile.

Go get 'em, 'Cuda-