06 November 2009

Unemployment Rate Soars to 10.2%... a 26-Year High

Unemployment continues to climb one-year after Barack Obama's victorious presidential campaign- and is promptly undermining the Dear Leader's popularity, clout, and liberal, statist agenda.

And while Team Obama's only major legislative success was the Porkulus bill- hawked as an expensive cure for unemployment- it turned-out to be nothing more than a $800B Democratic wish-list of pork-barrel spending which has had little or no effect -outside of a slew of government hires- on the employment situation in this country.

Joblessness is now the worst since 1983... and how did we get ourselves out of this mess last time? Not the way this crew's doing it...

Maybe the MSM needs to finally get off their fat asses and ask a few questions of this WH... like why they spend almost a trillion dollars of our money for nothing- except maybe a spike in the inflation rate when the economy finally picks itself up off the floor.

And while they're at it, ask Team Obama why they insist on pressing-on with failed policies on all fronts. A lot of us are starting to wonder what planet they're living on, and even who's side they're working for... sure doesn't seem to be ours.