19 December 2009

Acme Socialist Kit Really Not Working-Out

Stumbling out of Copenhagen with yet another FAIL under his belt, Barack's managed to alienate his residual enthusiasts on the Left, with Chavez and Castro now taking shots at him- I guess kissing their posteriors didn't garner any respect, huh.

Let's see what the New Media's resurgent Right has to say about all this...

Jumping in Pools has bad news this Saturday morn, as it looks like Dingy Harry may have finagled his 60th vote -here-

Left Coast Rebel disects Comrade Chavez's comments at Copenhagen re. still smelling sulfur
Riehl World View- Dan has been noted for something (!) by the online Left...-here-

Moonbattery looks at how netroots hero and far-Left moonbat Alan Grayson has inspired a new website... but not by fans -here-

MAInfo's Opus#6 is Calling All Liberals for a special announcement -here-

Dancing with the Czars confirms that ObamaCare's dubious individual HC insurance mandates are indeed unconstitutional -here-

Bungalow Bill sums-up Dear Leader's international political face-plant at Copenhagen... but thank GAWD that fool didn't sign anything -here-

Conservative Pup covered the story of a patriot stepping up... specifically Allen West -here-

The Other McCain also has extended coverage of Obama's epic FAIL at Dopenhagen -here-

No Sheeples Here is perplexed by Troglopundit's tendency to offend -here-

Government Mess reports on a giant UFO over the Kremlin... always something going on with those crazy Russians -here-

The Lonely Conservative reports globaloney skeptic Lord Monckton was actually beaten by police at Copenhagen -here-

So It Goes in Shreveport is attempting to fathom a Gitmo North -here-

Conservatives Defending Liberty says reality is finally dawning on the misguided and marginalized Hillary re. Tehran -here-

Amusing Bunni has comical Xmas carols for the dysfunctional -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog says that randy ol' Tiger's not out-of-the-woods yet -here-

American Power is covering the current blog wars

Gateway Pundit reported on something the lamestream media is ignoring -typically- Like how the Chinese completely blew-off Obama at the Copenhagen junk-science conference -here-

Stop the ACLU gave us words to live by on a snowy Friday -here-

Blue Pit Bull has found Ahmedinijad's long-lost brother -here-