13 December 2009

Please Allow Me to Retort!

As the Obama Administration makes it abundantly clear they'd like for us to go-away and shut up while they steamroll the country flat and start fresh... the Right has awaken, and they need to know that we're not standing by as thinly-veiled communists dismantle everything that made America great...

Amusing Bunni asks: Who killed Christmas? -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog covers the 2009 Darwin Awards... Gawd, I love these things -here-

Gateway Pundit has America's Worst President BDL (before Dear Leader) attacking Baptists and Catholics... So on behalf of my fellow Catholics everywhere,
GO TO HELL Jimmeh, you pompous ass... -here-

American Power has a very informative and useful piece on just who owns our massive debt burden... and there's some surprises -here-

Jumping in Pools has some welcome news re. the pending defeat of ObamaCare -here-

Left Coast Rebel needs you to sign the petition defending our brave Navy SEALS from their pending courts-martial... please help him to help our heroes, only takes a moment -here-

Riehl World View sees Saracuda breaking hearts on the Left -here-

Moonbattery has covered the ecofascists' infantile behavior in Dopenhagen -here-

Adrienne's Catholic Corner- please visit Ade and offer your prayers at a difficult time -here-

MAInfo's Opus#6 is also enduring a trying period... please offer this fine patriot some support and best wishes -here-

America's Watchtower covers the journalist curb-chucked in Copenhagen for daring to bring-up ClimateGate -here-

Dancing with the Czars finds ObamaCare likely to be unconstitutional -here-

Bungalow Bill looks at how the real victor in Iraq is Russia's Lukoil -here-

The Other McCain's son just kicked butt on his Iowa test... there's hope for this country yet -here-

No Sheeples Here says enough with the America-bashing already -here-

Conservative Pup has the best collection of Christmas videos -here-

Government Mess has a hilarious video clip re. Obama's Nobel -here-

The Lonely Conservative takes a trip to Obamaville -here-... and it ain't no Margaritaville, either!

So It Goes in Shreveport makes clear the case that freakazoid Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings does so not deserve a pass -here-

Libertarian Advocate has some welcome news for the GOP re. next year -here-

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