06 December 2009

Tiger Woods 4th Mistress

Plenty more where the first few came-from, apparently- It's like how they open the door on the circus-clown car and they just keep coming out... oh, Tiger. This one's name is Jamie Jungers of Las Vegas, Nevada- and she's reportedly already sold her story to a British tabloid (ka-ching):

MSNBC is reporting that this 5th white chick (counting wife Elin/that we know of!) is yet another nail in the coffin for Tiger's already tenuous relationship with the African-American community -here-

And now Woods is expected to undergo sex-addiction therapy -here-... Elin's idea? Can't hurt as much as her other recent methods of control!

The Gawker has a catalog of Tiger's woes and missed opportunities -here-

Hard to imagine his sponsors not heading for the exits now... this is going to get expensive, man... like billion$. Me, I'm glad his wife kicked his ass, they guy deserves all he's got coming- she doesn't need to put up with this crap.

If you can't confront your insecurities or compulsions effectively, honestly, and constructively it's you're own fault Tiger- we've all got our demons, and its how they're dealt with that shows how much character we've got. Not a good role model, to say the least...