10 December 2009

Tiger Woods Mistress Count Now at Eleven...

Another day, another porn star in the Tiger Woods scandal. The mistress count is at 11 as professional slut Joslyn James has now been linked to the golfer... good grief, Tiger.

It must be said, (legally) that none of these mistresses have been confirmed or verified... they are all alleged. Tiger Woods has yet to confirm or deny the allegations surrounding the women and his relationship with them, or lack thereof... and he's got really good attorneys, LOL.

Porn Star Josilyn James
What Tiger Woods has done is issued a statement apologizing for his transgressions. If the stories regarding the mistresses (including two voluptuous porn stars) are believed, Tiger Woods’ transgressions are many... and appalling, I pray for his family as Elin and the kids are off to Sweden now...

Tiger Woods alleged mistress count:

1. Rachel Uchitel
2. Jaimee Grubbs
3. Kalika Moquin
4. Jamie Jungers
5. Mindy Lawton
6. Cori Rist
7. Holly Sampson
8. Unidentified mistress
9. Unidentified mistress
10. Unidentified mistress
11. Joslyn James- Veronica Siwik-Daniels
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