05 January 2010

America Rising: Open Letter to the Democratic Party

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Moonbattery today and have a look at this three-minute video presentation of this open letter- very well done, very professional, accurately captures the mood of the growing TEA party movement... and cuts like a knife -here-

In other related developments, Caught Him with a Corndog has news of public anger that's lead to a recall campaign against one of most blatant ObamaCare sellouts -here-

American Power is all-over the US Census Bureau's dubious $340M ad-campaign and the still-scheming ACORN's machinations intended to negate the Democrats' 2010 political reckoning -here-

Left Coast Rebel tells us Northrup-Grunman is but the latest top-tier employer to leave a California literally destroyed by ill-advised statist policies -here-

Any hope for the Dems leading into midterms, then?

From what the Lonely Conservative has posted re. soaring youth unemployment and personal bankruptcies, a rebound doesn't seem likely... especially when a chunk of the once-delirious Hopenchange base might soon be joining the throngs of independents already headed for the exits -here-