28 January 2010

Dear Leader Delivers Tedious Propaganda Spew

Rather than the pragmatic moderation or smooth pivot one would expect to see from Obama as his mojo bails and the nation quickly turns against him, we get tiresome populism, delusion, and blame-shifting... while full-speed-ahead with a ghastly statist agenda Americans have made abundantly clear they do not want...

Add to that a lecturing, condescending tone as he dismisses opposition to his policies as the plebes not grasping his towering genius... and you can see why a lot of people had a hard time sitting through this one.

Note how whenever Obama or Gibbs are asked why a proposal is so unpopular, they always launch right into "We need to educate the public..."

Sorry, but constitutionally-aware patriots don't need any lectures from Marxists-

Here's what New Media opinion leaders are saying this morning...

Riehl World View reports on the State-of-the-Union speech that wasn't -here-

Plus, Dan's got a clip of the evening's high-point (or low, depending)... Judge Alito's "You lie!" moment -here-

Gateway Pundit has the the Actic Fox dissecting Alito's reaction with Hannity -here-

He's also found Chris Tingles jonesing for it again... what a weirdo -here-

Moonbattery has the SoTU backspin -here-

Left Coast Rebel sees Chairman Zero's ill-advised swipe at the SCOTUS as a potential disaster for him politically. Besides the fact that he blatantly lied to the whole nation, people are sick of this populist scapegoating already, and this ones' going to come-back and bite him on his rabble-rousing Bolshevik booty -here-

American Spectator: John Tabin is left wondering: "Didn't President Obama used to teach constitutional law? Because if he understands this but got it wrong anyway, that's what's known as lying-" -here-

The Other McCain somehow kept both sober and drunken live-bloggers corralled -here-

And then he gleefully deep-sixes a bizarre Marxist historian/gadfly -here-

The Lonely Conservative finds Jack Cafferty now madder than ever at Nancy Pelosi... her arrogance “breathtaking.” -here-

Caught Him With a Corndog is dreading the onset of Year Two of The Perpetual Campaign -here-

Flopping Aces: check out Mike's Wordle of the SoTU text -here-

No Sheeples Here wasn't corralled by the droning indoctrination -here-

The Humble Libertarian has a review of the speech from -what else- the humble libertarian perspective... and a good read -here-

As noted here on Monday, Obama most certainly will not triangulate... and is driving the whole Democratic party off the cliff. This imprudent, stubborn, and unqualified man -marketed as a genius- is instead a fool of monumental proportion. More -here-

Full text of the speech can be found -here-


Anonymous said...

It was very boring. I think they clap to wake those falling asleep.

Red said...

This administration has managed to elevate the standing ovation to an art form albeit an art form in the sense that one would view say, a thomas kincade keychain or a day-glo print of a velvet Elvis.

Red said...

Said day-glo velvet Elvis print would be found hanging in the men's bathroom of one of those truckstop/casinos.

PFFV said...

Excellent piece James and well said!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the speech. I've never seen President Hussein so transparent.

Christian Prophet said...

His speech was classic Benito Mussolini. I hope he doesn't suffer the same fate. See:
"Obama Creates Poverty, Not Jobs!" http://constitutionparti.blogspot.com/

The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks for the link!

Alexei said...

I dunno.

I thought he took a lot of momentum back with that speech. I was chagrined to see it, but he came off as confident and in control. Maybe I don't have enough faith in people anymore, but in between shouting at the screen over the myriad lies and economic inanities, I found myself thinking that a LOT of people out there will look at that performance and say "Oh. Well, I misjudged him on that one. Ok, well, I'm onboard again."

I could be wrong.

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