13 January 2010

SHOCK and AWE in Massachusetts!

Donald Douglas at Right Wing News (and his home site American Power) has a great piece on Scott Brown's surging campaign in the Massachusetts special election... one that's got complacent Democrat Martha Coakley on the ropes, as the polls have moved from a 15 pt Coakley lead to closed within the margin of error...

Read Donald's insightful analysis -here-... always a great read.

Then compare how Coakley flew into Washington last night for a dubious desperation fundraiser (Flopping Aces) with DC lobbyists to Scott Brown's $1.3M voter-fueled online moneybomb, and you tell me who's the people's candidate. Apparently her vicious and inherently dishonest attack ads aren't enough... Coakley thugs are even roughing-up reporters now... the clip is at Lonely Conservative.

I pray that those voting in this election up there in New England think about who really deserves a shot at this job... ignore Coakley's slew of disgraceful negative ads... and perhaps recall their forefathers' brave stand against tyranny over 200 years ago that was so instrumental in creating this great nation on the same soil on which they stand today... what would Paul Revere do?

If you don't live in Massachusetts, you can still donate to the Brown campaign... as this seat in the Senate would not only eliminate the Dems ill-gotten supermajority, but also send an overdue message to Team Obama... just click here:

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Timeshare Jake said...

The news gets better every day. You know the Democrats are looking for dirt.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Great post James. I used to live in that state a century ago or so (at least it feels that way). Its very encouraging to see those numbers so tight.

John said...

Go Brown go!
Bring Liberty and Freedom to the people in Mass.

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