17 February 2010

Bayh Warns Liberals: "Political Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions"

The Wall Street Journal tells us of retiring moderate Senator Evan Bayh now offering dire warnings to fellow Dems, as the Moonbat Messiah's obstinance drags their whole party over the cliff.

It's sure hard to understand the rationale behind such disregard for public opinion and reckless waste of political capital... a completely blown opportunity by Obama and the Democrats. They were all set-up to rule for a decade or more... but a mere 12 months later, their wacked-out, radical agenda lay in smoldering little bits... thank God for that:
Before Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh suddenly announced he will not seek re-election in November he had issued several warnings to fellow Democrats. Last month, for example, he told Gerald Seib of this newspaper that his party's liberals were "tone deaf" to the fact that they'd "overreached" in their agenda. "For those people," he said, "it may take a political catastrophe of biblical proportions before they get it."
Mr. Bayh knows something about high-water political floods. As a 24-year-old law student he helped run his father's 1980 Senate re-election and saw him go down to defeat under the Reagan landslide...

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rosey said...

This is exactly why the MSM and the left (aka Barney Frank) have labelled Bayh a "moderate" in their attempt to diminish a more Conserverative American electorate. If they can sucessfully say he is a "middle of the road" kind of guy when in fact he is as liberal as they come then they diminish conservative beliefs as extreme right wingers. The fact of the matter with Bayh is he is a typical "appeasement democrat" that instinctually chooses the "flight" over "fight" even when it comes to his political future.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Linked at LCR.

Reaganite Republican said...

Very interesting take on it Rosey... thought provoking and astute, thx

And thanks for the link, Rebel!

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