20 February 2010

Latest CPAC Updates, Video

As most of you are probably aware, Stacy McCain and partner Smitty from The Other McCain are at CPAC this week... really a key event in the depths of the grim Obammunist era, and these guys are covering it all with timely, on-the-spot reports-

Close McCain ally and my Catholic brotha Da Tech Guy is right alongside too, supplying vital support, interviews, Fedoras, and cannoli- check out his swelling collection of brief video interviews -here-

And while McCain is perhaps the most unabashed tip-jar rattler in the blogosphere, at least you get full documentation of where he's blowing it (video above), posted daily. I'm not sure if he's found any free buffets that meet his standards, you can help make sure he's got enough gas money to make it home by flipping him a fiver -here-

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