04 February 2010

Obama Offends Whole EU in One Swipe

n his latest flippant snub against American allies -including some of his own most fervent cheerleaders- Barack Obama has now managed to offend the entire EU by flaking on a planned Madrid summit... one who's whole purpose was to symbolize the close co-operation between the US and Europe! European leaders were informed of this by the Obama administration only after they already saw it on the web, nice.

Guardian (UK):
Senior diplomats in Brussels said last night the cancellation was a big embarrassment for the EU, which had hoped to increase its standing on the world stage when it ended a decade of debate about its institutional architecture with the ratification of the Lisbon treaty in December...

The decision by Obama to skip the Madrid summit is a sign that the promise of a more international approach from the US is being overtaken by pressing domestic concerns.

Obama wants to be seen to be spending more time in the US dealing with domestic issues particularly after the Democrats' surprise defeat in Massachusetts last month. There were a series of diplomatic exchanges overnight yesterday after officials in Europe read about the decision on media websites.
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister who holds the title of president in office during Spain's six-month presidency of the EU (and host of the meeting)... who is scheduled to visit Washington this week, was described as angry and embarrassed.
José Antonio Alonso, the governing Socialist party's spokesman in the Spanish parliament and close ally of Zapatero, said: "I think the US administration is and must be aware of what Europe is."
I thought he'd be there to at-least check out the chicks and have has his posterior licked by socialists, but the specter of comprehensive political collapse has him spooked into staying-put in DC for awhile. That, and perhaps he's afraid of any more European fans turning on him... Sarkozy already has, while it's rumored frenemies Obama and Merkel only smile for the cameras.

Simon Tisdall -also writing at the Guardian- has Obama's obscene spending and lack of leadership endangering the entire western world's security -here-


Opus #6 said...

He won't go to Madrid and he won't go to the Vancouver Olympics.

Can somebody tell my what we are paying this dope to do?

-The Reaganite Republican- said...

Good point, Opus-

Someone suggested some racial hangups behind the Olympic avoidance... typical of this divisive weirdo.

Bungalow Bill said...

That's why he sending Biden to the winter Olympics as well. I am not buying it. If he cared about jobs, he would turn down the heat on Toyota rather than work to encourage Toyota's demise.

Christopher said...

Opus, I will venture a thought on what he is being paid for;

To run the census in order to manipulate numbers ensuring perpetual liberal/socialist control.

Government Mess said...

I think that Obama is nothing more than a Soros hand puppet for Social engineering of America! It's backfiring now but how much damage will the progressives cause before we get them out is the question. Great piece James

Maggie M. Thornton said...

He has to stay here and keep an eye on Scott Brown. Do you think the Browns will be invited to a White House cocktail party? Brown is untried territory. This President thinks he can turn anyone, even Scott Brown.

Christopher has a good thought. The census looms. Mine is sitting in front of me this minute. I'm looking for guidance from Michele Bachmann.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

And he is the one that claimed he was going to restore our image in the eyes of the world?

Conservative Pup said...

He's either bowing and scraping, or p***ing people off. He bows to the wrong men, doesn't bow to the Queen of England, tries to buddy up to Chavez and that crowd, and then ticks off others right and left.

It's only been a year, and he's already done a term's worth of damage. I agree with Government Mess that he's the puppet of Soros. I think their efforts so far to "fundamentally transform" America have not panned out as they thought they would. They have no concept of what actual American citizens know and pay attention to, and resist.

Good post James, linked to it today.

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