18 February 2010

Porkulus FAIL

This week Charles Krauthammer wryly noted that more Americans believe Elvis is still alive than think the spendthrift binge marketed as "stimulus" actually created any hiring in this country. While The One's "shovel-ready" jobs failed to materialize in droves, at least one grave-digger's now occupied somewhere- readying the very deep hole America is prepared to toss Obamamania into...

And to think that Ronald Reagan created over 20M jobs... growing the country’s real GDP by almost 30% in the process. Those kind of results make one wonder why Dear Leader’s $800B porkfest would impress anybody, with his promised 3M new and “saved” jobs (whatever those are)- a paltry figure 17M shy of the Gipper's towering accomplishment.

Obviously, Obama's pledge was always nonsense anyway... instead of gains, we've now lost 2.75M more. His radical agenda, managerial incompetence, economic ignorance, droning class-warfare drivel, and Russian-style crony capitalism have mortified every entrepreneur and small business in the country... small wonder nobody's hiring.

A Reaganesque tax-cut would likely do wonders for the comatose US economy... alas, Marxists hate that sort of thing. Rather, Lonely Conservative brings us Obabble- a year of Porkulus in 30 seconds... now this is funny:

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