27 March 2010

Around the Blogosphere this Week...

Riehl World View has exposed Pelosi's little scam re. forcing-through taxpayer-funded abortions... and bad actor Bart Stupak knew all along -here-

Jumping in Pools found Dear Leader lip-syncing a speech... or did he? -here-

Maggie's Notebook posted the Jason Mattera mini-interviews, these are great -here- and -here-

Adrienne's Corner provides the feature-length Fall of the Republic, a must-see... read her commentary, then make some time to see this one -here-

The Other McCain is out in Nevada running recon on the TEA Party event at Searchlight, which I would say is really in the sticks... except they really don't have many sticks. If you're lucky, a tumbleweed, maybe... follow his updates all weekend -here-

Then tOMc co-pilot Smitty takes on Dr K-- he says Krauthammer is wrong in his primary argument against ObamaCare... interesting post -here-

Moonbattery caught publicly-funded PBS pushing an aggressive pro-ObamaCare-indoctrination on school children -here-

Gateway Pundit finds that ObamaCare will cost US corporations billion$ -here-

Government Mess provides a clip of MSNBC's Shuster getting shut-down hard by constitutionally-aware TEA Party activist Kevin Jackson -here-

Lonely Conservative finds the weaker ObamaCare sellouts already backpedalling -here-

Bungalow Bill is starting to wonder when the libs are going to torch the Reichstag -here-

Amusing Bunni -always a hoot- posted the image-of-the-century -here-

The Camp of the Saints has a major-babe-running-for-congress alert -here-

Conservative Pup has the SarahPac 20... a good read -here-

No Sheeples Here presents The Pelosivators... -here- and -here-

MAinfo is headed-out to Searchlight to see Sarah, too- hey, I'm jealous -here-

America's Watchtower caught Max Baucus admitting ObamaCare is all-about wealth distrubution...regardless of the bs. White House smokescreen/narrative -here-