20 March 2010

Chairman Zero Picks a Fight with Israel- WHY?

Why on Earth has Obama decided to go on the offensive against Israel now- a totally unnecessary spat with one of America's closest allies, and playing right into the hands of their -and our- enemies? That's a good question, especially after the way he's licked Hugo Chavez' posterior. You'd think he has better things to do, and of course this isn't going to accomplish a thing....

Most Israelis have already seen enough, and have no faith in Obama anyway... they'll simply circle-the-wagons and rally in support of Netanyahu. These are a people with strategic insight and common-sense... the target of an extermination plan by Iran and her proxies, Israelis cannot afford a liberal cafe-debate world view like Barack seems to think is so modern. As Geert Wilders has noted, they indeed live on the front-lines of western civilization.

American Power-this week's Featured Blog here at RR- has a post based on Caroline Glick's column in the Jerusalem Post, along with some interesting video that attempts to supply some answers -here-

Charles Krauthammer also did an excellent piece dissecting Obama's anti-Israeli agenda -here-