06 March 2010


The FMJWA -a best of the conservative/libertarian blogosphere- is inspired by Stacy at The Other McCain, per his How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog... and honors the basic principle:

" When someone does you a favor,
find an opportunity to return the kindness."

Riehl World View says Pelosi didn't "drain the swamp", per her election pledge... but rather just raised the water level -here-

Dan also fills us in on why liberal blogs now find themselves in precipitous decline -here-

The Lonely Conservative put up a must-see clip of Neil Cavuto really laying into Team Obama -here-

Maggie's Notebook has The Meat of Reconciliation... and the Republican Advantage

American Power wonders aloud why poser student "radicals" are still considered "cool" by the MSM... while 60-yr-old peaceful TEA party protesters are "Nazis" -here-

Bungalow Bill is following the launch of The Beer Party movement -here-

►The Other McCain's Stacy warns us of the dangers of Psycho-Libertarianism... just one bong hit away from murder -here-

Then blogging partner Smitty is asks how David Brooks even manages to breathe -here-
Moonbattery has deduced why Detroit's ignorant masses no read good -here-

No Sheeples Here is hanging the Dems out to dry

So it Goes in Shreveport calls for us to hold-the-line on Gitmo -here-

Another Black Conservative has the Congressional Budget Office predicting gargantuan budget deficits, even worse the the bloated figures we've been told to expect -here-

Left Coast Rebel is celebrating his first blogging anniversary -here-

Adrienne's Corner -this week's Featured Blog here at RR- posted quality video of the Arctic Fox on Jay Leno -here-

Government Mess has the truth about Islam... from a famed Israeli spy, Christian convert, and incredibly brave son of the Hamas founder, interviewed on Hannity- check this out -here-
America's Watchtower has Obama initiating immigration reform now... looks a desperate gamble from where I'm standing... -here-

Down Under on the Right Side questions the oft-repeated government mantra speed kills... and why they've got such tight limits down there in Australia's wide-open spaces -here-

MAinfo has a really amusing American apology for France -here-

Amusing Bunni found a telling sting video -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog is retiring... egad! I'm disappointed to say the least, and hope Red will deliver her unique humor through a new site...? Please drop by and bid farewell -here-

The Conservative Pup offers the weekly feature Pup's Picks -here-