01 March 2010

NYT: If You Didn’t Vote for Obama, You’re a Dangerous Nut

From R. Stacy's McCain's latest American Spectator column:
Accusing opponents of dangerous insanity has become so commonplace in the Age of Obama that such discourse is now taken for granted. Frank Rich devoted the entirety of hisSunday New York Times column to insinuating that the Tea Party movement is a paranoid aggregation motivated by “frothing anti-government, anti-tax rage,” and thereby complicit in the Feb. 18 crime of Andrew Joseph Stack III, who piloted his Piper airplane into an Internal Revenue Service office in Texas.
This rhetorical conflation of political protests and Stack’s kamikaze crash required Rich to overlook the quite specific grievances described by Stack in his profanity-strewn suicide note. Stack alluded to a “$10,000 helping of justice” — apparently a penalty for failure to file a tax return several years ago — and blamed his accountant and the IRS for a more recent audit involving $12,700 of his wife’s unreported income. 
Along with his strictly personal ax-grinding against the IRS-CPA axis, Stack also ranted about “the vulgar, corrupt Catholic church,” “the monsters of organized religion,” “presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies,” the “rich” and “wealthy.” None of that bears meaningful resemblance to the politics of Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Glenn Beck or any of the other name-brand figures swept up in Frank Rich’s all-encompassing indictment of what he calls the “anti-government right.” . . .
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