29 March 2010

Obama Israel Policy? Regime Change

While Captain Combover commences to lying to cover-up for Obama's obnoxious and peurile snub of Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, studying the president's actions -rather than the endless stream of jive emanating from the WH- is advisable to those seeking to decipher true intentions and loyalties.  Last week's diplomatic attack on Israel by the ruthless left-wing cabal that runs this country had a lot us wondering just what they're up to...  now as the answers emerge, it's not pretty...

We have a startling rumor -based on statements by a US diplomat-that the Americans are threatening to abstain from a UN Security-Council resolution on Jerusalem -and not veto- in retaliation for Netanyahu's refusal to acquiesce to Obama's diktats... now does anybody actually believe he didn't storm out of the room on Netanyahu, as yesterday denied by Axelrod?

If such a resolution were to come -one condemning Israeli building in Jerusalem- everything Axelrod, Obama and Clinton have said during this "disagreement" is proven to be a lie. This will no longer be a disagreement among friends... but will put the US squarely on the list of Israel's adversaries.

As the Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick writes at her blog, Obama is employing disgraceful strong-arm politics and Alinskyite rabble-rousing to not only turn American public-opinion against Israel- but to actively meddle in Israeli politics in the hope of collapsing their democratically-elected government:

..as Obama's advisors explained to The Atlantic, through his unprecedented attacks on Israel's right to sovereignty over its capital city, Obama is working to topple Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government in the hopes of replacing it with a leftist government led by Tzipi Livni and Kadima.

It is a startling turn of events. Obama of course was elected to the presidency with the overwhelming support of the American Jewish community. Part of that support - which netted him 78 percent of the Jewish vote -- was based on his repeated assertion that he is absolutely committed to Israel's security... 

Obama's expressed desire to overthrow the democratically elected government of Israel stands in contrast to his refusal to acknowledge the basic illegitimacy of the Iranian regime he seeks to appease. That government is founded on last June's stolen presidential elections which returned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power amidst massive opposition from the Iranian people. And of course, the Iranian regime which Obama coddles is publicly developing nuclear weapons with the declared purpose of destroying Israel; serves as the leading state sponsor of terrorism; and according to the US and British militaries is training al Qaida and Taliban fighters to kill US and British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq...
And it gets worse- the "crisis" may have been orchestrated to begin with -as were the unconscionable demands made on Bibi at the White House- all planned and calculated with the collaboration of a treacherous Israeli Left.. seems their libs are disloyal scumbags too: 

His coalition for weakening the US alliance with Israel is comprised of Leftist Israelis - and particularly the Kadima Party and the Israeli media on the one hand -- and leftist pro-Palestinian American Jewish groups on the other hand. Together, these Israeli and American Jewish groups provide political cover for Obama's onslaught against Israel and the US alike. 

Furthermore, Makor Rishon's senior columnist Amnon Lord reported last Friday that Kadima heavyweight Haim Ramon met with one of Obama's senior Middle East advisors ahead of Biden's visit. He also pointed out that Livni's key political advisor Eyal Arad is also an advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Whether or not Kadima colluded with the Obama administration to cook up the crisis over building in Jerusalem, Livni and her cohorts were quick to loudly condemn Netanyahu for the decision - about which he was uninformed and regarding which he has no legal authority to intervene...
None of this should come as any surprise the way this crew of Chicago thugs operates, although  it's now reported there is rancorous dissent amongst Team Obama re. Israeli policy... it sounds like a few of the more principled individuals on his own staff are having a hard time choking-down Obama's betrayal and hectoring of Israel and her Prime Minister- one who's been reasonable and accommodating by any measure.

Recall that saying whatever he had to in 2008 to get elected, Obama had fully agreed with Bibi without qualification; stating that Jerusalem is Israel's capital... and should never be divided. Now all Israel is getting from this diplomatic and martial incompetent is backpeddling on pledges (we share your pain), bullying, and myriad bad ideas as he emboldens Israel's terrorist enemies while implying "We can live with an Iranian bomb, so should you." One could surmise that when Israel gets reduced to a glass-floored, self-lit parking lot, Obama have achieved his apparent goal. Remember, his father was a Muslim, his father-figure a communist, and his mother an irresponsible far-left freak... but of course, I'm bad for bringing that into it, you know.

The fact that Netanyahu is the most free-market Reaganite-Thatcherite that Israel has ever had -and his brother died a hero in the famed Raid on Entebbe in Uganda- probably doesn't do much to endear him to the Bolshevik Boy Wonder, either... brave, principled, and conservative... MIT grad Benjamin Netanyahu's just not Barack Obama's kind of guy.

Netanyahu also has the strategic clarity Obama so clearly lacks, and in spades... he will never act in a way he perceives will reduce the security of Israel, be it in what he calls Hamasistan (Gaza) or Iran, Syria, Lebanon... or whatever- the guy's wife lost most of her family in the Holocaust, and Bibi was an IDF special forces commando... he will just dig-in now and protect his country as the Israeli people unite against this outside meddling... while dealing with Iran as he sees fit.

And the UN? Israel is used to such specious moralizing- how many Arab and/or Muslim countries are in there? Tell Dear Leader to shove it, Bibi- most real Americans still support our alliance with your country. As a matter of fact, almost 300 members of Congress have just signed on to a declaration reaffirming their commitment to "the unbreakable bond that exists between [U.S.A] and the State of Israel", in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

All should be disgusted that this pompous neophyte would attempt to undermine the security and internal politics of a US ally surrounded by lethal enemies... and just because they didn't cave to his dubious agenda in five minutes. All I can say is it's a good thing we armed them to the teeth previously... and even better that they've got the bomb.

And American Jews that were too lazy to do any real DD -giving Obama's disingenuous campaign speil in '08 more weight than than his past deeds/words/associations- you owe all of your brethren -in Israel and the US- a huge apology... what exactly were you thinking?