22 March 2010

Power-Mad Statists Peak, Face Annihilation

There surely will be much nauseating gloating from the Left now, so get your barf-bags at the ready. But as is typical of Obama and others who dwell in the Beltway echo-chamber, he misjudges patriotic, Constitutionally-aware Americans' will to resist- and at his peril. This is readily apparent in Obama's reaction to opposition, the guy seems genuinely surprised that there is any... but plenty more of that on the way now, he'd best get used to it.

I for one am looking forward to the fight- for those who choose to launch this assault on our freedoms and flippantly slaughter the Constitution will be presented the butcher's bill.

They'll live to regret this -and they know that-  but the fact is that Obama and his party painted him into a corner, wasting a year while ignoring more pressing concerns with the economy, Iran, and terrorism- so he had no political option left but to pass something... it was more than apparent in the end he didn't care what, how, or why.

ObamaCare will never, repeat never come into full effect- not only do a majority of Americans reject this, but states will sue, the Exec Order won't stand up in court, and the HC personal mandate won't make it either- not much left after that. State Attorneys General have
already filed.

Some may despair, saying it cannot be repealed- and we're already hearing some of that. If so, the pending GOP majorities can at a minimum just defund it, whilst lawsuits gut it- death by a thousand cuts. This obscene power-and-tax grab will not stand- their own hubris and incompetence has created a massive opposition where there was none before... and this is still a democracy, over the medium-to-long term anyway.

With the unprecedented -and mostly unwarranted- goodwill Obama enjoyed, all they had to do was bring in qualified experts and govern from the center... but NO, had to have their revolution, one most of the people in this country want nothing to do with. And the Obama-Pelosi-Reid trimvirate is far from done with the assault on our freedoms...

Obama has flat-out scammed the American electorate, pretending to be a bipartisan moderate while shaming the naive and shallow into electing a black president, as if this was needed for some race-based reason. Dear Leader is now -with shocking ingratitude- out to rape and plunder all this country has and stands for.

He must be resisted by the states, in the courts, on the net... and at the ballot box- as he will be. With Americans about to "find out what's in it" -and Obama's and the Dems' poll numbers already deep-cratered- let there be no doubt who's side time is on... the Left is in for a precipitous decline, starting right now.

While that's all going on, the GOP will commence to kicking ass, taking over, and taking names... so let the siege begin in earnest; this is going to be a whole lot of fun.