21 April 2010

Bonehead Pirates Attack US Warship

This fun story of justice and natural selection from BlackFive:
It's a beautiful early morning, just a little before dawn. Out on the open sea, about 380 miles off the coast of Djibouti, you and your buddies leave the mother ship in your skiff to do a little pirating. Life is good and so are the drugs. Easy pickin's are sure to be your reward today...
You and your 5 buddies laugh, smoke and oil the AKs and RPGs while keeping a relatively sharp eye out for something you can swoop down on and go medieval on.  After a short while, just as the sun begins to crest the eastern horizon, you spot this big beauty:
Being charter members of the Dumber than a Box of Rocks tribe, and having flunked your merchant ship identification course more times than you can remember, you decide this is the ship that will make you rich and famous.  So you attack it.  Unfortunately for you, it turns out to be a US Navy warship - the USS Ashland, as a matter of fact. A ship known to the Navy as an amphibious dock landing ship.  And yes it is an armed ship.
Bad day at Blackrock.  The morning turns sour and the jaunty little skiff suddenly turns into a less than desirable vessel to be aboard...

Burning skiff

Thankfully for you, the crew of Ashland takes pity on you and your buds and launches a boat to rescue your sorry asses...

Now guests of the US Navy, and on your way to be arraigned for trial on charges of attempted piracy of a ... warship, your dreams of fame and fortune dim.  Your only hope now is the laughter won't be too humiliating when they read these charges out in front of an open courtroom.  You almost wish, instead, they'd dispense with the formalities and just hang you and get it over with...
In Somolia, we know where the pirates' bases are... we know where many of the pirates are... and we know where their boats are- all of these things should be vaporized by Navy pilots tomorrow, this would have a substantial deterrent effect.

But that's not going to happen with Obama- and one has to question his motivations and loyalties, really. Like when he snubbed the British -our closest ally for decades- because of some weird personal grudge re. what they did in Kenya 100 years ago. But it's not hard to figure out where the allegiances lay, just think "radical leftist" with racial grudges and forget about "he wouldn't be that crazy to ___"... because sadly, he is.

Might Obama sympathize with the poor, oppressed pirate scum?  I don't think that would surprise anybody anymore...

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