16 April 2010

TEA Party Infiltration FAIL

The kind of Alinskyite schemes fomented by the likes of Kathleen Sullivan did a nationwide face-plant yesterday, as the attempted infiltration of TEA Party events took-off like a lead balloon.  Everyone was informed and vigilant re. libs attending purely to pose under false-flag as nuts and racists to discredit the increasingly popular movement, but nobody thought they'd present such a lame effort... even I'm a bit surprised. This was almost (almost) as pathetic as the "Coffee Party" charade- weak!

 The Keeper of Odd Knowledge presents "Exhibit A" lib boneheads:

Moonbattery has this character at Columbus, Ohio-

Gateway Pundit even has a faux-Nazi infiltrator chased-off by angry TEA Party patriots... and it sounds like Sean Penn should have given this one some acting lessons prior to deployment, lol -here-

Michelle Malkin found some loser that crashed the stage getting frog-marched out at Sacramento-

Fisherville Mike came-across a TEA Party Barbie (no Palin jokes, wags) -here-

And Chicks on the Right contrasts perception... vs. reality (funny cartoon!) -here-

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