23 July 2010

Ten Buck Fridays is Here...

As our troubled nation recently entered the 4-mo all-out political war leading up to midterm elections, blogger  Conscientiously Conservative came up with this concept of donating $10 to a worthy conservative candidate every Friday from now up-until midterms in November- and what a great idea: dubbed Ten buck Fridays, it's really caught on... there are now over 70 New Media conservatives allied in the effort.

Blogger RightKlik then initiated a weekly poll for each week's featured Reaganite-type true conservative for us all to focus on supporting in a key 2010 race.  And while $10 is great, $20 is even better... but don't be shy about kicking them five bucks if that's all you can spare right now, it all adds up and there's indeed strength in our numbers... these unsolicited Ten Buck Fridays money bombs will surely be more than welcome.
This week's winner? Conservative Hideout 2.0 has the news and some background on him, links to his official campaign site, as well as a secure online-donation link right below the candidate's statement -here-
And hey, we're not asking for your money... the idea is to make the donations online, directly to the candidate. However, please do note you are making the donation through Ten Buck Fridays...

 Come join us!  TBF Facebook page is -here-