09 July 2010

Ten Buck Fridays~

Blogger Conscientiously Conservative came up with this concept of donating $10 to a worthy conservative candidate every Friday from now up-until midterms in November- dubbed Ten buck Fridays, it's really caught on...
Blogger RightKlik runs a weekly poll for next week's featured Reaganite-type true conservative.  And while $10 is great, $20 is even better... but don't be shy about kicking them five bucks if that's all you can spare right now, it all adds up and there's strength in our numbers... these unsolicited Ten Buck Fridays money bombs will surely be more than welcome. 
This week's winner? Maggie's Notebook has that well-covered -here-

And we're not asking for your money: the idea is to make the donations on line, directly to the candidate. However, please do note you are making the donation through Ten buck Fridays....

Come join us!  See the Facebook page -here-