24 July 2010

We're All Honkies Now: Monstrous Obama Tax Hikes Soon to Bleed this Country White

If you think the economy's tanking now...
Just wait until this hits the fan on December 31st -less than 6 mos from now: huge tax increases that will not only crush our frail economy, but go-against hours of hopenchangey hogwash and unambiguous prior Obama pledges to not increase taxes "one dime" on the middle-class (some would call them "lies").  In reality, the working-poor, families, and investors in our economy will actually be getting soaked he worst: 

Personal Income Taxes:
10% bracket goes to...      15%         Increase: +50%
25% bracket goes to...      28%         Increase: +12%
28% bracket goes to...      31%         Increase: +11%
33% bracket goes to...      36%         Increase: +10%
36% bracket goes to...      39.6         Increase: +10%

Capital Gains Tax: 
Now: 15%   Dec. 31st: 20%   Increase: +33%

The marriage penalty returns... as does the Inheritance Tax... at a wealth-redistributing 55% for estates over $1M

Now taxed at 15% jump to 39.6%... a +164% increase
And that's not all: there's two more waves of tax hikes coming down the pike already to pay for the largely-unwanted ObamaCare power-grab, along with all the rest of these power-mad fiends' pedal-to-the-metal spending, legislative bribes, and political-backer payoffs... which tripled the annual deficit for 2010.
So limousine liberals, you had your fun... and probably almost broke your arm patting yourself on the back after you went out and cast your vote for Obama.  Now you self-righteous posers are getting what you deserve.... Dear Leader is going to tax the crap out of you.
Anybody else still voting Democrat this fall -seriously- ought to have their head examined... or just move to Cuba already, the rest of us want our country back-

Investor's Business Daily via Moonbattery