06 October 2010

America Will Survive the Obama Debacle... But Will the Democratic Party?

Only if November's mid-term elections -where the far-Left 'progressive' movement is to be stopped cold- compels the Dem survivors to repudiate Barack Obama and adopt some semi-sane platform... because his name is mud now

As most polls continue to swing to the right, it's unlikely any amount of "bucking up" can spare House Democrats a humiliating political spanking on November 2nd- and they do so deserve one.

It's quickly become every-man-for-himself as candidates build all the distance they can between themselves and Dear Leader in the name of political survival. Supposedly the crowning achievement of this regime was "bravely" ramming back-door HC nationalization down our throats... yet one-in-four registered Democrats already favor repeal of ObamaCare, as do large numbers of Republicans and Independents.

Although vigilance is to be called for on our side -best be on the lookout for attempts to pull a Franken or stuff boxes in close contests- conservatives do have genuine reason to believe America's admirable tendency towards self-correction has at long last kicked in.

And fate has joined our side: the seemingly infinite political luck that propelled a corrupt, unqualified community-organizer all the way to the White House has vanished... it's all going wrong now.  

As most Obama voters deduce that the he lied-to/guilt-tripped them to get elected, it's also become more-and-more difficult for the WH/MSM/online Left to spin the radical agenda of this administration as anything other than what it is: deeply damaging and farcical hokum. 

Dick Morris says Obama has driven the party right off a cliff... perhaps never to recover:

Barack Obama is destroying the Democratic Party... 

The damage he is doing to his party's image and prospects closely resembles the harm Hoover did to the Republican Party, from which it did not recover for 20 years after he left office. And the extent to which Obama is discrediting the left parallels the damage George McGovern did to his ideological confreres in 1972, when he went down in flaming defeat.

In a sense, America met its first conservative in 1981, and fell in love. We met our first liberal in 2009, and are running away screaming. 

FDR was too long ago to count; Lyndon Johnson too distracted by Vietnam to make an impact. So Obama is the first full-throated liberal to be president in our lifetimes. And we won't soon forget him and the lessons his failure is teaching us.

Strangely, the Democrats don't yet get it. They whistle a happy tune as they march off the cliff. There is no voice of dissent against Obama's policies, no mumbled animosity, no suppressed discontent.

The party is solid as a phalanx behind its leader even as he sends it to political death...

This is likely not the legacy Obama had in mind when, with his massive ego, limited competence, and paltry experience, he took over the White House. Americans, in a fit of national delusion, made what they now realize was one of their biggest mistakes.

The magnitude of our error, or at least of our understanding of it, will become apparent on Nov. 2, when the GOP will win both houses of Congress, the House by a considerable margin.

The 2010 landslide will likely set the record for the largest transfer of House seats in an off-year election. The prior mark of 74 seats in 1922 (a Democratic gain in the wake of Harding's scandals and the Teapot Dome investigation) will probably be eclipsed. But the true measure of the damage Obama has done to his ideology and his party will not be evident for some time. 

Strike you as a tad overconfident? Micheal Barone at the Washington Examiner takes it a step further: America's turn to the right in this election has the potential to be nothing short of earth-shattering... with a 100+ seat Republican gain (!)

Yes, the Democratic party does appear to be on the verge of a historic election defeat, and less than four weeks from today- it's only the degree of the wipeout that really remains in question.

Pelosi's gavel seems certain to be yoinked, while over in the Senate the contested majority now moves into the "toss-up" column. Any subsequent lame-duck spending/amnesty stunts will only increase Americans' mounting animosity towards the irresponsible and arrogant libs... better dare not try it.

But as the damage they've inflicted over the last 18 mos. becomes increasingly apparent -i.e. inflation/dollar crash or Iranian bomb- any political comeback by the Dems in the short-to-mid-term seems unlikely... regardless of what the economy does.

The primary focus of our legislature should be defunding/unwinding monstrous big-government programs foisted upon us against our will... hard to imagine many Democrats finding prompt forgiveness and a politically-beneficial role in that... while any GOP-launched investigations will do little to aid Democrats' stature- not to mention the President's.

By 2012, people will lie to their children about who they voted back in '08, ditch incriminating hopenchangey paraphernalia serupticiously -if they haven't already-, even wince at the very mention of the name Obama... and the GOP could take 45 states running Gilbert Gottfried.

But be sure and get yourself and all like-minded friends to the polls on November 2nd, though- don't give ACORN and other leftist pond-scum the chance to snake any seats.... let's really blow them out of the water so they'll be none of that this time.